When in Dubai try These Cuisines

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The best way to understand a culture is through its food. And when you are in Dubai, there’s no better way to soak the Emirati culture than through the delectable Emirati cuisine. Traditional Emirati cuisine is mainly meat-based as their ancestors were Bedouins who mostly depended on a protein-based diet. If you are keen to explore the local culture, try these local foods:

1. Harees

This is the most popular Emirati dish and is mostly served on weddings and other important occasions. Wheat is cooked together with meat for preparing this dish. It’s cooked until the meat melts and blends with the wheat. This meal is prepared in a clay pot that’s placed in a clay oven that’s filled with burning coal.

2. Thereed

If you are looking for some comfort food, then this comforting stew is a must try. Thereed is very similar to the Moroccan dish called Tagine. Thereed is a combination of a succulent piece of meat along with a selection of veggies that are slow roasted (mostly, potato, pumpkin, marrow, and tomato is used). It’s mainly consumed with a thin Emirati bread called Rigag. While serving, the bread is served at the bottom of the dish and then the stew is poured over it.

3. Machboos

This is very similar to Biryani and is a dish made of rice and meat. But what sets it apart is the distinct aroma and flavour that’s a combination of a variety of spices such as cardamom, saffron, turmeric, and cumin. And the secret ingredient that’s responsible for its unique flavour is dried lemon (locally known as Loomy). This special ingredient adds zest to it.

4. Ghuzi

This traditional roasted lamb dish is the yummiest food you will have in Dubai. The lamb is clubbed with crushed nuts, rice, and lots of veggies and is very popular among localites.

5. Shawarma

Emirati Shawarmas are different than those you have probably tried in your country. From lamb to chicken, these shawarmas are prepared using a variety of meat combined with veggies and sauce wrapped in Arabic rotis.
No meal is complete without dessert and Dubai has an assortment of sweet dishes to satiate your taste buds.

4. Luqaimat

This is the most popular Emirati dessert and you will find it everywhere in Dubai. These small deep fried doughballs are soaked in sweet and sticky date syrup (similar to the Indian Gulabjamun) that gives it a heavenly taste.

5. Balaleet

Vermicelli noodles and eggs (for fluffiness) are used to prepare this dessert. Often, onion is also added to it. This mixture is cooked in sugar and spices. A bit of salty and sweet with an added crunchiness and a texture that feels soft and fluffy – Balaleet is a must-try dessert in Dubai.

6. Kunafeh

This sweet dish is prepared with cheese, kunafeh dough, sugar syrup, and oil. The cheese gives it a smooth and creamy texture and we bet, you’ll enjoy each bite of it.

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How to Travel Stress-free?

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Travelling is fun. And it’s stressful too. It’s because planning a trip involves a lot of preparation. Here are some tricks to avoid the last-minute hiccups and travel stress-free:

1. Book your hotels early

Don’t wait until the last minute and avoid the lure of last-minute-deals. Hotels run out of rooms quickly during the holiday season. It’s quite stressful to arrive at a place without knowing where you’ll stay.

If you do not want to take the stress of finding an accommodation at the last minute, book early. You can avail the best deals at some of the best hotel booking sites in India throughout the year.

2. Do your research

You want to carry the right clothes and shoes for your trip. You don’t want to miss getting tickets to an event that you plan to attend. So, let you inner research nerd take the lead and find out more about the place you want to travel.

3. Arrive early

Whether you are travelling by train or taking a flight, arrive at the station or airport early. You can never be sure about the traffic situation in India. And you do not want to stress about missing your train/ flight if the cab doesn’t arrive early.

To avoid the unnecessary cortisol-rush, start to your destination at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure.

4. Check-in online

This saves a lot of time when you are taking a flight. Even if you arrive a bit late, you can skip the check-in part and rush straight to the security. Also, try to take a print-out of your ticket or save it in your phone. In case of railway bookings, you can opt for e-tickets.

5. Pack early and light

This helps avoid last minute slips and reduce your stress levels. Nobody wants to run frantically all around the house looking for things and stuffing the bag with them. If you have packed early, you can just pick your bag and leave.

6. Check the local travel options beforehand

It’s a breath of relief when you know the name of your hotel and its location. And you feel super relaxed when you know how and where to get the bus or cab or any other local transport option to reach your hotel. There are plenty of options to book cabs even before your arrival or at least know the bus/train timings.

7. Create your personal-care package

Keep a separate bag where you keep your personal care products and other essentials such as chapstick, sunglass, toothpaste and brush, credit/debit cards, tissues, wipes, medicines, and moisturiser. Having everything that you need at your fingertips make your journey less stressful.

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Top 6 Destinations in Rajasthan

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Fairy-tale palaces, majestic war-scarred forts, vibrant culture, and the golden sand – Rajasthan resembles an artist’s palette. The realm of the Rajputana always seizes the chance to flaunt its vibrant best be it whatever time of the year.

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Here’s our top pick of places that you should not miss on your trip to Rajasthan:

1. Ranthambore National Park

If you cannot ignore the call of the wild and if you are enamoured by the magnificence of the mighty cat, Ranthambore National Park is a must-visit for you. Scattered around the 10-Century Ranthambore Fort, this National Park is famous for its rich population of tigers and is probably one of the best for tiger sighting.

2. Mehrangarh Fort

The imposing and invincible beauty of the Mehrangarh Fort is something that shouldn’t be missed. The terracotta-coloured fort is a repository of history and legends. Still run by the Royal family of Jodhpur, Mehrangarh Fort is an exemplar of Rajputana Architecture.

3. Bundi

This captivating town is also known as the City of the Stepwells. Famous for its majestic forts, Bundi is like a dream. The must visit places in Bundi includes the Raniji ki Baori (the famed Queen’s Stepwell built in 1699), the Taragarh Fort, Dabhai Kund, 84 Pillared Cenotaph, Lake Nawal Sagar, and much more.

4. Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer Fort is breathtakingly beautiful. This fort is among the few forts across the globe that’s still inhabited by people. A step inside the fort is like stepping into a different world altogether – it’s like a city within a city, thriving with life.

The narrow streets, shops selling embroidered work, tourists exploring the place and locals busy with their day-to-day work – life is always in full swing in this Golden Fort.

5. Pushkar

A visit to Rajasthan is incomplete without experiencing the largest camel fair in the country at Pushkar. The Pushkar fair is usually held during the auspicious period of Kartik Poornima. If legends are to be believed then this was the day when Lord Brahma created the Pushkar Lake. Lakhs of devotees from all over the country come here to take a dip at the lake. Apart from the camel fair, you can visit the nearby Meerabai temple at Pushkar.

6. Alwar

This is perhaps the oldest of the Rajput Kingdoms. Apart from old ruins of ancient forts and palaces, Alwar is also famous for the ancient ruins of Bhangarh Fort that has become a major tourist attraction.

Famous for being the most haunted place in India, no one is allowed inside the fort after sunset and before sunrise. You will hear numerous legends associated with Bhangarh Fort. Apart from that, you can visit the nearby Sariska Tiger Reserve and the Karni Mata Temple.

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6 Things to Do in Sydney

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What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the name Sydney? It’s pretty obvious. With amazing beaches and great waves, Sydney is famous for its surf culture. But there is more to Sydney than just surfing. Read on and get cracking on your ultimate to-do list before checking the international tour packages for Sydney:

1. Explore the Bondi Icebergs

The Bondi beach is the most famous beach in Sydney and this is the most famous ocean pool here. This 50-metre saltwater pool has been a historic landmark of the Beach for over a century now.

It’s open to the visitors throughout the year. With a minimal entry fee, you can access the gym, sauna, and the pool. What more? You can also enjoy a sweeping view of the Bondi beach from their clubhouse.

2. Visit the Royal National Park

Lining the southern coasts in Sydney, the Royal National Park is spread over an area of 15,091 hectares. This pristine bushland is a beautiful spot for a picnic, trekking, swimming, bike riding and lots of adventure activities. It takes less than an hour to reach Royal National Park by car but you can also take a ferry from Cronulla.

3. Taronga Zoo

This is a place from where you can get the best views of the city. Apart from exploring the wildlife, catch a glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are coming to the zoo from the south of the bridge then you can take the cable car to reach the entrance. Wait for the performance by the seals and catch other daily shows at their amphitheatre.

4. Go to the Carriageworks Farmers Markets

Best known for its wide array of seasonal produce, this is a place where farmers from all over the New South Wales gather. On weekends, take a stroll around the 70 stalls selling the freshest of produce. You will also find jam specialists, wine merchants, coffee carts along with ready-to-eat stalls of hot pastries, bagels, and crepes.

5. Take the Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee

This six-kilometre stretch of coastline is frequented by nature enthusiasts. Usually, most of the tourists walk the beautiful stretch from Bondi to Bronte but, the walk gets interesting beyond that. Just walk by the Waverley Cemetery and the secluded nook at Gordon’s Bay to reach Coogee.

6. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the inside ribs of the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. You will be given a grey suit and a radio headset to hear the guide’s voice. It’s not as arduous as you are thinking. Rather, it’s like ascending staircases. It’s a bit expensive but the experience is totally worth the money.

Try these options and make your trip memorable.

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Dubai Shopping: Famous Souks to Visit

The souks are the heart of Dubai. It’s where you can truly get the essence of the rich Arabian culture. The noisy souks (meaning bazaar or marketplace) in Dubai have a traditional air – the bustling narrow lanes, buyers haggling with the shopkeepers, the exotic smell of Bakhoor mixed with the aroma rising from the spices – all adds to the earthiness of the city standing in stark contrast to its ultra-modern demeanour.

Find out more here about the famous souks of Dubai:

1. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

The endless alleys of this Arabic marketplace are glistening with lights. The air here is brimming with the aroma of fragrant spices and at every turn you are sure to find a display of cafes and restaurant, suiting each palate. Souk Madinat Jumeirah is especially beautiful during the night.

2. Bur Dubai Souk

If you are good at haggling then this is the best place where you can bag the best bargains. Wander through the narrow lanes of the souk and dig through the elaborate spread of embroidered fabric and beautiful souvenirs – Bur Dubai Souk is a place where you can spend hours. It has plenty of cafes where you can take breaks in between your shopping spree.

3. Fabric Souk

Located on the banks of the Dubai Creek, the fabric souk is a place lined with textile stalls displaying vibrant fabrics. Here, you will find the best quality hand-spun Pashmina fabric. Apart from traditional Arabic clothing, you will also find skilled tailors in the fabric souk. If you want, they can stitch you high-quality dresses and attire at an affordable price.

4. The Spice Souk

Standing face to face with the Fabric souk, just on the opposite bank of the Dubai Creek, the Spice Souk is where you will get all kind of exotic spices. The colourful spice powders, sacks full of whole spices and leaves – the sheer variety and volume of available spices make it a daunting task to decide. Apart from spices, you will also find frankincense, Oudh (a traditional Arabic perfume), coffee, and shisha here in the Spice Souk.

5. The Gold Souk

It’s easy to locate this souk on the banks of the creek from the golden glow emanating from the stalls lining the embankment. Necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches – the delicate carvings and intricate details of each ornament will leave you in awe. It’s the best place to buy gold at the best value but make sure to haggle a bit. If you are worried about the quality of gold, then don’t worry, this souk is monitored by the government to ensure the consistency in the quality of gold. You have to take a water taxi to reach this souk.

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