At the age of 20 life is utterly terrific. Though a little overwhelming, traveling at this age gives you an opportunity to make the most of it. Twenties let you experience the fine taste of freedom, it lets you have fun, make lots of new friends and build memories as you embark on any new journey. Here are few places that should be visited in your twenties:


One of the most popular cities in one of India’s princely states, Rajasthan, Jaisalmer will be a pleasure to visit. The vast spread of the Thar Desert together with the flamboyant and colorful culture of the locals are the best attraction of this city.

Photo Credit: michel.meynsbrughen via Compfight cc


Mostly known for temples, Rishikesh will not only excite you in the spiritual way but also is a great destination to visit in your twenties. Located in the lap of the Himalayas, this destination is an ideal if you are crazy for river rafting and other adventure sports. You can also go for bungee jumping as well as camping in the wild.

Photo Credit: jaumescar via Compfight cc


One of the rarest as well as yet to be discovered beach destinations located in the South India. It is considered as one of the cleanest beaches of all. During the evening, the entire beach lights up that creates a beautiful ambiance for those who wish to stay up that late. This destination is an ideal choice for those who love water bodies.

Photo Credit: thejasp via Compfight cc


If you love trekking from great heights, then Sandhan Valley is a must have in your destination wish list. Located in Maharashtra, this valley is surrounded by the famous Ratangad, Ajoba and Kalsubai, the highest mountain peaks in the state. Tourist and trekkers can enjoy traditional Maharashtrian vegetarian as well as non vegetarian meals cooked locally.

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If you are a mystique nature lover, them vising Itanagar will be a great choice. Located in the North East India, this hill station is everything you would love to visit. You can go around the city and enjoy your vacation to your fullest.

Photo Credit: amr123saik via Compfight cc

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