7 Tips For Air Travel – Booking Air Tickets

Tips For Air Travel

Travelling on a flight for the first time? If yes, then you should know a couple of points before you set out on your journey. While you pack your bags, read this article to enjoy a stress-free air travel!

1. Book your tickets early

Book your tickets online, at least, a month before you travel. This will help you stay relaxed and not panic at the last moment when you’re not able to get confirmed booking. When should you book your tickets? Well, there’s now a scientific answer to it, as per a new study –

Fifty-four days before takeoff is, on average, when domestic airline tickets are at their absolute lowest price. And if you don’t hit 54 days on the head, you should usually book between 112 to 21 days before your trip — within the “prime booking window  ” — for the lowest possible prices. In this window, ticket prices typically hover near the lowest price they’ll ever reach .

Check the full article here : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/best-day-to-book-plane-ticket_us_56cf1648e4b03260bf759b79?section=india

2. Travel light

Every airline has a set quantity of weight allowance for checked in baggage, anything above the limit is charged per kg. For this reason, many passengers try to cram clothes in their in-cabin baggage. But, sometimes that doesn’t also work. So, the golden rule is to stick with the airline regulations and travel as light as you can.

Tips For Air Travel
Photo Credit: mathias-erhart via Compfight cc

3. Dress comfortably

Along with travelling light, dressing up comfortably while you set out for the journey is also important. For long-hours flight, dress up comfortably and wear a comfortable pair of footwear. You can dress up casually with a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers, and you’re ready to go. Often travelers prefer travelling in comfortable fabrics such as linen and cotton.

4. Personalise your luggage

There’re chances that your luggage might get misplaced or exchanged with a fellow passenger. To avoid this from happening, personalize your language. You can wrap it up using a transparent plastic bag and then stick your name on it. This will make it easier for you to recognize your luggage and avoid any confusion over luggage .

5. Arrive on time  

You need to follow certain rules and regulations when you’re travelling via air. You need to get your baggage checked, get boarding passes and follow security regulations. So, keep ample time in hand so that you travel stress-free.

6. Stay Hydrated

Travelling by air might turn out to be quite taxing and we’re sure that you’d not want to look stressed out when you arrive at our destination. Stay fresh, relaxed and hydrated by drinking as much water as you can.

7. Stay Active

Sitting continuously for hours the same way might cramp your muscles and nerves by restricting blood circulation. Try and do some foot exercises while you’re sitting. You can also walk along the aisle when the seat belt sign is turned off, this will stress-free your muscles and improve blood circulation.

8. How to spend your time?

Entertainment is always the best way to keep you occupied during long hour flights. Carry an mp3 player, books and hand-game player. You won’t be bored and enjoy the time spent in the flight to the fullest.

Travelling somewhere? Keep these points in mind. Have you booked your tickets? Remember the point no 1? Book your tickets online and save time. Visit tourient and browse through the air ticket booking online price.

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