10 Reasons Why you Must Visit Sri Lanka


Rugged mountains, pristine sandy beaches, wildlife safari and underwater sports- if this is what you look forward to during your holidays, Sri Lanka is the place for you. This island, located just below the southernmost tip of India, is an amazing holiday destination for people of a wide range of preferences.

You won’t find any second place so exotic and hospitable at the same time. Here are 10 reasons why you must visit Sri Lanka:

1. A Boon for Adventure Lovers

The rocky terrains, cascading rivers, lush green peaks and alluring forest floors offer great fun to the adventurous soul. Sri Lanka is a heaven of adventure sports and you can try out anything from hiking, trekking to river rafting.

2. Lovely Beaches

The sun-kissed beaches in Sri Lanka offers you a quick escape from the busy city life. Take a stroll on the pristine sands while enjoying a quiet time or go for underwater sports- the beaches in Sri Lanka offer you everything.

3. Diversity in Landscape

Sri Lanka is a wonderland of physical diversity. Hemmed by magnificent beaches, this country has a diverse range of geographical features. From misty mountains and coastal plains to wetlands and rich jungles, Sri Lanka is a small miracle in itself.

Photo Credit : touch-travel.com

4. Rich cultural Heritage

The country has 6 places that are declared as World Heritage Site. The ruins of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura, the Dutch Fort at Galle are some of the sites of great cultural significance.

5. Food

With lip-smacking seafood and assortment of spicey goodness, Sri Lankan cuisine will definitely add to your gluttony.

6. Diverse culture

Sri Lanka is a country of multi-ethnicity. It is a mish-mash of people from various cultural groups. It is a home to the indigenous group veddah, Sinhalese, Tamils, Malays and Chinese- the list is simply extraordinary.

7. Festivities

The civilization and culture in Sri Lanka have blessed this island with a rich heritage of vibrant festivals. People of different religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism celebrate their festivals with great enthusiasm.

8. Wild life

In Sri Lanka, you will find its biodiversity conserved to the highest degree. In fact, Conservation International has identified this country as a bio diversity hot spot. Its a paradise for wildlife lovers.

9. Explore the Indigenous Lifestyle

Sri Lanka offers you the opportunity to slip back into the stone age. At Dambana, you can closely explore the lifestyle of the indigenous people. This is a lifetime opportunity for every traveler.

10. Exotic Caves

The alluring caves of Sri Lanka will captivate you with its rustic charm. If you are interested in history coupled with adventure, visit Sri Lankan caves.

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