Holidaying in Kodaikanal ? – Tips for Exploring this Place


With its exquisite weather and exotic natural beauty, Kodaikanal is an ideal holiday destination for those who are seeking something more than just a recreational trip. The weather is divine and if you are considering an escapade from the heat of the plains, Kodaikanal is the perfect place for you. The marvelous geography of this place and the refreshing climate will mesmerize you with its grace.

Are you seeking a chance to refresh your mind and soul by visiting Kodaikanal? Here are some tips for exploring the best in Kodaikanal:

1. Kodaikanal Lake

The lush green slopes hemming the glittery lake is a treat to the eyes. A home to thousands of exotic birds, you can drown yourself in the mesmerizing tranquility offered by the environment here. Glide on the pedal boats or row boats, whatever fits your budget or just take a stroll around the lake, we can bet that this will make your day.

kodaikanaal Lake
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2. Coaker’s Walk

If you want to see nature at its best, Coaker’s walk is the perfect retreat for you. The long serpentine walkway will offer you the most captivating view of the valleys. Take a stroll through the shoal forests and let the road take you to the observatory on the hilltop. You can get a complete view of the surrounding through the telescope. If you are lucky, you can also witness the “Broken Spectre” where you can see your own shadow on the clouds with a colourful rainbow halo.

3. Dolphin’s Nose

This spot is popular among the trekkers. No word can ever describe the misty valleys and a captivating view of the Western Ghats. This will surely leave you speechless. The peculiar topography of this place and the beautiful rock formation is the reason why you must visit this place of great visual delight.

4. Pillar Rocks

Cut your way through the pine forests and reach the pillar rocks that stand tall at a sprawling height of 400 feet. These rocks have a pillar like appearance. The steep fall between each pillar is popularly known as the “Devil’s Kitchen”. You can enter this place after getting permission from the authorities.

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5. Bryant Park

This park is located at the eastern end of the Kodaikanal Lake. This is the best place to relax and admire a wide variety of rich flora. Visit during the springs and you can find this place in full bloom. You will never forget the myriad shades and hues you will get to witness here.

Hope these tips will excite your senses and get you ready for exploring this amazing panorama. If you are visiting Kodaikanal and looking for the best hotels to stay, get in touch with us. We can guide you through the best hotels in Kodaikanal to ensure a nice stay.

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