10 Boutique Hotels in India

boutique hotels India

Planning a trip shortly? Are you looking for hotels that will give you a more personal feeling and a good ambience? If yes, then go for a boutique hotel next time. These are comparatively small, yet stylish. These offer you the same luxury as any standard hotel. Apart from that, boutique hotels offer you a more personalized service and a great atmosphere. Over here, we have provided a list of 10 boutique hotels in India:

1.Cardamom House, Tamil Nadu

Located at Athoor near Dindigul, this lakeside boutique hotel will offer you a warm embrace during your visit. If you are looking for a quiet stay, huddled close to nature, then boutique house is ideal for you.

Cardamom House in Tamil Nadu
Picture: Cardamom House; Photo Credit: Cardamomhouse.com

2. Lake View Villa, Rajasthan

This place will offer you the warmth of home away from home. Located right at the heart of Udaipur, this place will help you to witness the colours of Rajasthan. Standing on its roof, you can have a great view of almost the entire city.

3.Glenburn Tea Estate

Nestled in the lap of enticing hills and lush greenery, this place is a treat to your eyes and senses. The magnificent view of the hills and exquisite food is going to make you fall in love with this place.

Glenburn tea estate
Picture: Glenburn Tea Estate; Photo Credit: vascotravel.com

4.Fort Barli, Rajasthan

Experience the historical aspect of Rajasthan at Fort Barli. Boasting a magnificent architecture, this place offers you a relaxing retreat. Experience the Rajputana style preserved carefully in its ancient form and discover the majestic facade of Rajasthan here.

5.Ahilya Fort, Madhya Pradesh

Resting at a magnificent height over that river Narmada, Ahilya Fort allows you a tranquil experience. The descendants of the Holkar family maintains this fort. The Holkars once ruled Indore. The bedrooms are cosy and the food is delicious.

Ahilya Fort Madhya Pradesh
Picture: Ahilya Fort, Madhya Pradesh; Photo Credit: ahilyafort.com

6.A Beach Symphony,Kerala

Located near the Marari Beach in Kerala, this place will offer you a nice stay. The rooms are neat, large and airy. You can also experience the local delicacies during your stay.

7. Old Harbour Hotel, Kerala

This 300 year old colonial building will take you straight back to the colonial era. The interiors are decorated with paintings and antiques that will take you down the memory lane.

Old Harbour Hotel in Kerala
Picture: Old Harbour Hotel, Kerala; Photo Credit: greatindiantours.com

8.Chapslee, Himachal Pradesh

Untouched by technology, nestled in the lap of picturesque locales, this place will spoil our senses. The bedrooms are comfortable and the interiors are decorated with British Era paintings.

9.Casa Colvale, Goa

Located in Taliwado, this place offers you a great view of the backwaters of the Chapora river. Enjoy a barbeque under the vast sky or just sit by the poolside, this place is a perfect getaway for enjoying a lazy stay.

Casa Colvale in Goa
Picture: Casa Colvale, Goa; Photo Credit: htel.in

10.Tikli Bottom,Haryana

This lutyens style boutique hotel has all the facilities to make your stay enjoyable. Located in the lap of green mountains, the view is definitely going to soothe your senses.

Next time if you plan your trip to any of these places, don’t forget to try these boutique hotels. You can also try hotels booking online at our website. For more information,please visit http://www.tourient.com/

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