Holidaying in Kerala?- Visit these Beaches

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With a sprawling coastline of 580 kilometers, Kerala is an abode of some of the finest beaches in India. A visit to these beaches will make you lose yourself in the arms of nature. If you love to gaze across the horizon, admiring the sunset or if you enjoy lazing around in the dusty sand, then you must visit these beaches in Kerala:

1.Kovalam Beach

This is beach is one of the most famous beaches in Kerala. Kovalam beach is constituted of three beaches which are referred to as one. You can enjoy a variety of activities such as snorkelling, cycling, catamaran ride in this beach.

Kovalam Beach in Kerala
Picture: Kovalam Beach; Photo Credit:

2.Varkala Beach

This beach is also known as the Papanasam beach. The southern part of this beach contains a host of Hindu temples while the Northern part of this beach is used for various tourist activities. This beach is also known as Black beach as the sand here is of a blackish hue.

3.Bekal Beach

This is a quiet beach when compared to Kovalam and Varkala Beach. This beach is located near the border of Karnataka and offers a great view of the Bekal Fort. If you gaze across the sea, you can easily view the backwaters meeting the Arabian Sea.

Bekal Beach in Kerala
Picture: Bekal Beach; Photo Credit:

4.Kozhikode Beach

Love to view sunset? Then this beach will offer you the most exquisite view of the sunset. The two piers in the middle of the sea, the distant lighthouse and the interplay of numerous hues create a view that is beyond explanation.

5.Meenkunnu Beach

Located near Kannur, this beach will offer you solace. This beach is famous for its golden sand. It is a perfect hideout from the hustle and bustle of city. If you want to enjoy a quiet time juts lazing around,then this is a perfect place for you.

Meenkunnu Beach in Kerala
Picture: Meenkunnu Beach; Photo Credit:

6.Payyambalam Beach

If you are looking for a long stranded coastline with golden sand playing with your feet, Payyambalam beach is perfect for you. This lonely beach offers you a bewitching view of sunrises.

7.Cherai Beach

This beach is famous for offering you a view of the backwaters merging with the Arabian Sea. Take a walk around the shore, collecting colourful shells or go for a swim- Cherai beach has everything to amuse you.

Cherai Beach in Kerala
Picture: Cherai Beach; Photo Credit:

Next time you are visiting God’s Own Country, then make sure to visit these splendid beaches. If you are looking for Kerala tour packages, then you can check our services.

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