Must- Visit Beaches in Pondicherry

Pondicherry is famous for its mesmerizing locales, rich tradition and culture. When you visit this place, you’ll find the the cultural heritage well preserved in the heart of its people. This is the reason why a lot of tourists flock to this place to unwind their soul. However, Pondicherry is also famous for it magnificent coastline. If you are planning to visit this place, make sure to visit these beaches:

1.Mahe Beach

Hemmed with beautiful palm trees, this exotic beach is a place worth visiting. It also houses a small hamlet of fishermen. You can go and experience the lifestyle of the fisherman.

mahe beach in pondicherry
Picture: Mahe Beach; Photo Credit:

2.Karikal Beach

It is one of the best natural beaches you’ll ever visit. It is a paradise for swimmers and a perfect place to hang out with your friends and family. You’ll also find plenty of food stalls to satiate your appetite.

3.Promenade Beach

This beach is a delight for both locals and tourists. Locals usually visit this place for enjoying their morning and evening walks. You can sit lazily around the long stretch of rocky shores feeling the waves crashing on your feet. Just before sunset, this beach turns alive as people flock the shores for enjoying the sunset.

promenade beach pondicherry
Picture: Promenade Beach; Photo Credit:

4.Auroville Beach

Auroville beach is one of the major tourist attractions in Pondicherry. The shallow waters will allow you to enjoy swimming. You can indulge in a variety of recreational activities here or just sit in the shore watching the beach thrive with activities. In either way, we can bet that you’ll have a great time.

5.Serenity Beach

The azure blue water crashing on the golden sand makes this beach incredibly beautiful. Visiting this place is a must. You can indulge in beach sports, go swimming or enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

Serenity Beach Pondicherry
Picture: Serenity Beach; Photo Credit:

6.Quiet Beach

True to its name, this beach offers you tranquility, away from the bustling city life. The only sound that’ll disturb your quiet retreat is the crashing of waves on the shore.

7.Plage Paradiso Beach

This is one of the most recognized beaches in Pondicherry. You have to cross the Chunnambar backwaters to reach this beach. Regular boats are available.You’ll only find a few shanties selling snacks and cold-drinks. Otherwise, this beach is still untouched by the commercialization.

plage paradiso paradise beach pondicherry
Picture: Plage Paradiso Beach; Photo Credit:

If you are looking for a rejuvenating experience, then do visit these beaches. Are you planning to visit Pondicherry soon? If yes, then have a look at our Pondichery holiday packages. We offer the best deal that matches your expectations. For more information, please visit

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