Planning for India Tour ? 5 Things You Should Know

India is a land rich in a variety of culture, geography,colors, history, and traditions. A trip to India will translate into a roller-coaster ride that will overwhelm your senses with a wide array of experiences. Be it a two-week trip or a month-long trip, if you are planning a holiday in India for the first time, plan beforehand. Here, we have presented a list of 5 things that you should know before planning a trip to India:

India Tour plan

1. Pick a Route

You cannot cover India in a single trip. Do not plan to visit the whole country and set realistic goals. Select a route. If you are looking forward to exploring the flora and fauna, you can visit the wildlife parks at Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam. If you want to enjoy the beach and the sand, places like Goa, Andaman, Kerala will be perfect. For visiting the majestic Himalayas, a trip to Kashmir is great.

2. Avoid the Crowd

You’ll find a majority of the places in India overcrowded. This can be hectic. So, plan for relaxing escapades. You can spend a few days in the cities then moving to the countryside or inner parts of the country are the best option.

3. Eat Healthy

You’d never want to fall ill during your trip. Stay away from street food. If ever you find it difficult to resist it, consider the cleanliness factor before consuming it. Do not drink tap water. The locals might be adjusted to it but, your body is not accustomed to local water. People mostly eat with their hands. Keep sanitizing lotion handy before eating with hand.

4. Dress in a modest way

India is a modern country with its roots buried in tradition. Dress moderately. Avoid skimpy and short clothes. You can consider buying some clothes after you’ve arrived here.

5. Be Flexible with Plans

Unexpected delays, missed flights- anything can go wrong during a trip. Keeping your plans flexible will help you to stay organized. Just be patient.

We hope that these tips will be of help when you plan for your trip to India. If you are looking for attractive India tour packages, then why don’t you check our offers? At Tourient, you’ll get the most attractive tour packages that meet your demand. For more information visit Us !

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