Historic Sights of Tashkent: A must See For Every Visitors


The capital city of Uzbekistan, Tashkent- meaning “Stone Fortress” is one of the important cities of Central Asia. An important transportation hub of the Great Silk Road between Europe and China, Tashkent has an exotic history of over 2000 years. The alluring ancient architecture, for which the city was once famous, were destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1966. Post-earthquake, the Soviet Union helped in the rebuilding of the city. Most of the architecture of Tashkent has, therefore, strong Soviet influence. However, there are a few remaining architectural gems that will give you a glimpse of the ancient Tashkent. Here is a list of a few place that is a must see for every traveller:

1. Madrassah Kukeldash

Madrassah is an Arabic word meaning educational institution. Madrassah Kukeldash is one of the most ancient and historic building in Tashkent. This was built by a vizier of the Tashkent khans known as the Kukeldash. Located near the famous market square, this madrassah was the focus of the city’s life for many decades. The messengers used to announce the edicts of the rulers here, public executions were also held in this place.

2. Amir Timur Museum

This museum is located at the heart of the city near Amir Timur Square. A majestic sculpture of Timur or Tamerlane, founder of the Timurid Empire in Central Asia and Persia awaits you. This glossy building features remnants of the ancient past. The exhibits mostly include weapons, military attire, manuscripts, personal belongings of Tamerlane and a few astronomical instruments will take you back to the Timurid Empire.

Amir Timur Museum

3. Chorsu Bazar

A bazaar is the heart of every Oriental city and Tashkent is no different. Chorsu bazaar is the place which still plays a central part in the life of the locals. Taste some exquisite Uzbek dishes such as shurpa (soup),shashlyk; explore the Oriental offerings of dried fruits, bread, fresh meat or watch theatrical performances- this place is always bustling with activities.

4. Khoja Akhrar Vali Mosque

Tashkent was the city frequented by craftsmen and rich merchants. That is why a majority of its architecture are mausoleums, mosques or caravanserais. This Friday Cathedral Mosque or Juma Mosque has undergone numerous rebuilds and restoration. This is the most ancient of all the 157 mosques in Tashkent. Named after the Sufi saint Khoja Akhrar Vali, this is the highest point in Tashkent from where you can watch the entire city.

5. Khazrati Imam

This is an important religious center in Tashkent and is located near the tomb of First Imam of Tashkent, Hazrati Imam. It houses a rich collection of ancient oriental manuscript. The famous Quran of Caliph Uthman or the Ottoman Quran is preserved here. Ottoman Koran is the principal source of the holy book of Islam written in mid 7th century.

These places will help you experience the glory and the mystery of the ancient city and its rich cultural legacy. If you are looking for Tashkent tour packages, then check our tour packages. We offer customized packages and the best deals to make your journey a memorable one. For more details, visit www.tourient.com

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