8 Unique things about Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is one of the most picturesque hill station in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. This place is famous for its pleasant weather and mesmerising landscape. If you are seeking solitude and want to refresh your soul far away from the hectic city life, Kodaikanal is the ideal place for you. Here are a  few more interesting facts about Kodaikanal:

1. The Blue Kurinji flowers are unique to Kodaikanal. Although a wide variety of Kurinji flowers bloom in Annamalai, Palni and Nilgiri hills but the blue variant blooms only in Kodaikanal and that too, once in every 12 years. The sight of the valley filled with blue waves of  beautiful Kurinji flowers is a sight to behold. If you are lucky enough, you can get a glimpse of this flower during your next visit to Kodaikanal.

2. Kodaikanal is famous for its pleasant weather. Due to its higher elevation, you will find a cool weather throughout the year. During the summers, the highest temperature that you will experience here is about 20 degree celcius. The summers usually arrive at March and continue through the month of May.

3. During winters, the temperature drops to about 8 degree celcius and doesn’t go up above 17 degree celcius. Winters usually arrive here in the month of November and continues till February. During the monsoons, the whole valley bursts in greenery. If you love rains and do not want to miss the enchanting beauty of the place, plan your visit during July to September. To know about the hotels in this place, check our list of hotels. We have the list of best hotels in Kodaikanal and will offer you the best deals.

4. Do you know that the famous Kodai Lake was actually constructed by an Irishman? Sir Vere Henry Levinge, who served as the collector of Madurai in 1862, constructed Kodai lake in order to boost tourism in that place. As the Europeans enjoyed boat rides, Sir Levinge brought beautifully crafted boats from Tuticorin. The place was a marshy land earlier.

5. The Coakers Walk in Kodaikanal was started by Lt. Coaker in the year 1872. this man made walk has a telescope at the end of the road from where you can enjoy a great view of the quaint little town.

6. The name Kodaikanal means the Gift of the Forest and is known as the Princess of Hill Stations. This city was established in 1845 primarily to serve as a summer escapade from the tropical heat of the plains.

7. The Palaiyar tribe were native to this place and Kodaikanal was first mentioned in the ancient Tamil Sangam literature. People became aware of this enchanting place no later than the 20th century and began to flock to this place.

8. Due to its unpolluted beauty, this place has been a favourite of Bollywood. A number of films were shot here which includes Jo jeeta Wohi Sikandar, the yet to release Vishwaroopam 2 to name a few.

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