Mysore: Visit These 6 Places to Get the Real Feel


The majestic Mysore is popularly known as the City of Palaces. From drool worthy natural vistas to stunning architectural beauty, Mysore has an array of places and location that will delight you with a wonderful mishmash of culture, history and wildlife. If your are visiting Mysore and want to experience its essence, then visit these 6 places:

1. Mysore Palace

This grand palace once served as the residence of the Wodeyars, the Royal family of Mysore, who reigned over this erstwhile Princely state for over seven decades. Every wall and labyrinth of this palace will take you to a walk down the memory lane and enthral you with its enigmatic history. This place is famous for its rich Indo-Saracenic architectural style which is a combination of  Hindu, Islamic,Rajput and Gothic architectural style.

2. Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

Also known as the Pakshi Kashi of Karnataka, this sanctuary is spread over 40 acres of land and is the largest bird sanctuary in the state. The sanctuary comprises of six islets, located near River Cauvery. These islets were formed when in 1648, the King of Mysore build embankments on the river. Famous ornithologist Dr Salim Ali later observed that these islets are visited by exotic bird species. On his insistence, the Wodeyar King built this sanctuary in 1940. Visit this place to explore the rich flora and fauna of Mysore.

3. The Railway Museum

Explore the history and development of Indian Railways by taking a timeless walk down the lanes of this museum. The exhibits include ancient locomotive engines, railway coaches, the signaling system that traces the journey of the Indian Railway. You can even enjoy a ride in the battery operated mini train in the museum.

4. Chamundi Hills

Located close to the Mysore Palace, Chamundi hills is the best place for a religious escapade. Abode of Goddess Chamundeshwari, this place is considered one of the sacred hills in Southern India. According to legends, the Goddess killed Mahishasura, the demon King in this place. This place attracts a lot of tourists from all over India and also offers a great birds eye view of the entire city. Goddess Chamindeshwari is the protective deity of the Royal family of Mysore and as a result, this place always enjoyed Royal patronage.

5. Sivanasamudra Falls

This waterfall originates from the River Cauvery. Two waterfalls named Gaganachukki and Bharachukki together make the Sivanasamudra waterfalls. This place is famous for its stunning natural beauty and is Asia’s first hydroelectric power station.

6. Mysore Zoo

Also famous as Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, this is the oldest zoo in South India and is famous for its exotic floraand fauna. This is home to animals such as Elephants, Lions, and Anacondas (which are also the prime attraction of this zoo).

When you visit Mysore, do visit these places to feel the real vibe of the city. In case you are planning your visit, check our Mysore tour packages at Tourient.

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