Macau: Films Shot Here


In the past few years, Macau has evolved as one of the most preferred shooting locations for a number of films. From Hollywood to Bollywood, many movies have captured the exquisite locales of Macau. Here is a list of famous films that were shot at Macau:

1. Housefull (2010)

Many major scenes from this film were shot in Macau. The scene where Akshay Kumar is hired by a Casino owner was shot in the famous Venetian Casino at Macau. Venetian Macau is the largest casino in the world. Not only that, when Akshay Kumar arrives at the hotel for their Honeymoon, that scene was also shot at the beautiful locales of Macau. The movie extensively features the Venetian Macao Resort and other locations in various song sequences in the film.

2. Double Dhamaal

A few major portions of the Indra Kumar film were shot in Macau and other locations in Hong Kong. The casino scenes of the film were shot in Macau (the country is known as the Gambling Capital of the world). Not only that, the climax of the film was also shot in Macau.

3. Skyfall

This is the 23rd James Bond movie and this movie was also shot in Macau along with other locations. Tracing the gambling chip, Bond eventually lands up in Macau, the gambling capital of the world and here, he sets out on the quest of finding his arch enemy. Skyfall showcases a number of beautiful locales of Macau and was the highest grossing film in 2012. It has won several awards which include two Grammy Awards, two BAFTA’s, and two Academy Awards.

4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

If you are an Indiana Jones fan, then let us tell you that a few major portion of the film was shot in Macau. Steven Spielberg recreated the bustling cosmopolitan streets of China at Macau. The scenes that represented the busy city streets of Shanghai, China, were actually Avenida de Almeida Ribiero at Macau. Apart from that, the movie also features locations such as Rua de Felicidade

5. Johnny English Reborn

This action-packed comedy movie, starring Rowan Atkinson (popular for his character Mr Bean) was shot in various locations at Macau. After recalled by the MI7 (intelligence service), Johnny English sets of to Hong Kong for his next assignment. The action sequences such as the rooftop fights were shot at Macau. Apart from that, there were a number of spectacular scenes shot in casinos, shops, and streets of Macau.

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