Himachal Pradesh: 6 Interesting Things You Must Know Before You Visit the Place


Human beings have this innate thirst for knowledge and discovering the unexplored corners of the world. The more we know about a place, the more it reveals itself in various forms and helps us unravel its mysteries. In this post, we will reveal a few interesting facts about our very own abode of snow Himachal Pradesh. Here they are:

1. One of the most adventurous and alluring way to reach Himachal Pradesh in through the Kalka-Shimla Heritage Toy Train. This is declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The route has a misty charm as it loops through the lofty pine forests bejewelled with the snow-capped peaks. It also holds the Guinness record of being the steepest inclination of 96 kilometres. The curves, at most of the places, form an angle of 48 degrees.

2. The name Himachal Pradesh comes from Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, the word “Hima” means “Snow” and “Pradesh” means land. So, the literal meaning of Himachal Pradesh is the “Abode of Snow”.

3. Malana, an ancient village in Himachal Pradesh is one of the oldest democracies in the world. They have a judiciary system of their own which has remained unchanged from ages. The village council is known as “Hakima” and has two courts. The higher court consists of the priest, Goor or spirit of the reigning God Jamula Devta and the Kardar (representative).

4. The Jakhoo Temple in Shimla is among the oldest temples in Himachal Pradesh. According to legends, when Lord Hanuman was searching for Sanjeevani Booti, he stopped at this place to rest for a while. As he descended on this place, the top of the hill fell flat and sank halfway through the ground.

5. You will see a number of monkeys in the Jakhoo Temple. They usually snatch eatables from the hands of the visitor. Even if you are empty handed, they will snatch your other belongings and only return them when you offer them something. According to legends, these monkeys were the successor of the Vaanar Sena (the monkey soldiers in Ramayana) and are considered holy.

6. Do you know that Malana, the ancient village, is considered the Little Greece of Himalayas? As per the locals of the village, they are the descendants of the Greek soldiers belonging to the army of Alexander the Great. They also speak a distinct language called Kanashi, which has a Tibetan and Hindi dialect. People in Malana do not converse with outsiders in this language. They believe that this will destroy its sanctity.

We hope that these facts will make your journey more interesting as you enjoy the beauty of this place. Want to make your stay more enjoyable? Locate and book the best hotels in Himachal Pradesh with us.

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