Indian Beaches: 5 Lovely Places for Sea Lovers


India is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches on the Earth. The country boasts a sprawling coastline that offers everything from activities to solitude. And that is why people from various part of the world gather in these beach destinations in India. If you are someone who could barely resist the call of the sea, here is a list of a few beach destinations of India:

1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

Andaman Nicobar is famous for its golden beaches and natural opulence.Radhanagar beach is among the most famous and picturesque beaches of Andaman & Nicobar. The azure blue waters caressing the white silvery coastline is one of the most beautiful sights to behold. With lots of tranquillity and serenity, Radhanagar beach is one of the best spots for basking in the golden sun and for relaxation.

2. Malpe Beach, Karnataka

Located in proximity of 6 kilometres from Udupi, Karnataka, this pristine beach offers heavenly views of the sunrise and the sunset. This is also one of the first 24X7 Wi-Fi beaches. You can also take a visit to the nearby temples and other tourist spots. This idyllic beach is one of its kind where you can drench into peach and relish every bit of nature’s beauty.

3. Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh shares its coastline with the Bay of Bengal and is thus, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in India. Unlike other beach destinations in India, the beaches in Andhra Pradesh do not have a rich nightlife or other activities; rather, these beaches are known for offering serenity and peace. Yarada beach is located at a distance of 15 kilometres from Vishakhapatnam. The beach has an uninterrupted coastline that will lead you to the Dolphin’s Nose lighthouse atop the Black Mores Hill.

4. Dhanushkodi Beach, Tamil Nadu

Hemmed by the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, Dhanushkodi beach is located at a distance of just 20 kilometres from Rameshwaram. If legends are to be believed then this is the same place where Sri Ram, along with Hanuman and the Vaanar Sena, built a bridge to Sri Lanka. The beach is a treat to the eyes and offers magnificent views of the turquoise sea.

5. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, Kerala

This is the only drive-in beach in the entire Asia and offers a drive of almost 4 kilometres between Thalassery and Kannur. It lies parallel to NH-17 and attracts a lot of sea enthusiasts. This beautiful beach is also famous for its magnificent view of the sea and is, therefore, famous among tourists who want to sunbathe, swim or just stroll around the beach.

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