Indian Popular Tourist Destinations for Foreigners


India is a complete travel package for any international tourist. From lush green valleys and pristine beaches to snow-capped mountains, the diverse geographical features of India lure thousands of foreign tourists every year. Here is a list of a few tourist destinations in India which are popular among international tourists:

1. Alleppey

Popularly known as the “Venice of the East”, Alleppey is among the most visited tourist spots in Southern India. With a labyrinthine channel of water paths crisscrossing amongst the lush paddy fields, Alleppey presents the most heart-warming view of nature at its best. This place is also famous for its tranquil beaches. It also hosts temple festivals and boat races that will leave you thriving with an adrenaline rush. For any tourist who is planning to visit Kerala, a visit to Alleppey is a must.

2. Goa

This is probably a place that witnesses the greatest footfall of foreign tourists. This is a place where you can witness a convergence of the East and the West. Brimming with a rich centuries-old colonial history, Goa is famous for its golden beaches, colonial forts and rich nightlife. The flea markets of Goa are one of the reasons that lure the foreign tourists to this place. This place also boasts a rich wildlife as it is home to wildlife reserves and some of the most famous cathedrals in the entire country.

3. Sandakphu

This is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal and is hugely popular among foreign tourists. The crowd is huge particularly during the spring when the valley is flooding with rhododendrons and primulas. Against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains and azure blue sky, it seems like a riot of colours. Trekkers from various part of the world gather here to get up-close with nature. You can enjoy a clear view of Mount Everest from Sandakphu.

4. Varanasi

The holy city of India is also the place that attracts a large number of foreign tourists seeking spiritual introspection. Situated on the bank of the Holy Ganges, Varanasi is considered the abode of Lord Shiva. The concrete banks of the Ganges are always bustling with life. The prime attraction of this place includes the Kashi Vishwanath temple, evening aarti and of course, the multicultural heritage.

5. Srinagar

Located on the banks of the serene Jhelum, Srinagar unfolds itself as an abode of natural beauty. Hemmed by the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayan range and this place is famous for its beautiful lakes and majestic gardens. Throughout the year, this place is visited by foreign tourists from all over the world.

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