Dubai: 6 Must Do Things


From witnessing a panoramic view of the Persian Gulf from the top of Burj Khalifa to taking an evening stroll at the Jumeirah Beach, there are a number of things that you can do when you are in Dubai.  From glitzy malls and stunning architectures to traditional monuments, Dubai is a perfect blend of contemporary and the old. Here are a few things that you must do when you are in Dubai:

1.Stroll in the Jumeirah Beach

This is arguably the best sandy beaches in Dubai. Named after the Jumeirah District in Dubai, this beach of soft white sand will give you the best view of the Dubai coastline. Take a walk in the Jumeirah Beach in the evening. The soft sand under your feet and the sun melting down in the horizon is one of the stunning views that you can enjoy. Relax and rejuvenate your soul at the Jumeirah beach. In case you are planning to visit Dubai and checking for flight booking for Dubai, visit and grab the best deals on flights.

2.Go for a Desert Safari

Want to experience the life of the Bedouins? If yes then this is the best way to explore the desert life in Dubai. A number of agencies offer desert safari in Dubai. You will be taken to the Bedouin campsite where you can closely explore their lifestyle. You can also try Shisha tobacco and pamper your taste buds with the rustic barbequed Shawarma they serve. Conquer the majestic sand dunes on a Land Rover or a Camel, as you wish and experience the tranquillity and magic of the arid landscape as night falls.

3.Visit Ravi

No trip to Dubai is complete without food. Go for a gastronomic extravaganza at Ravi. This place is always crowded with diners from all across the world. Treat yourself with authentic and delectable Pakistani cuisine. Don’t forget to try their Mutton Kebabs, Chicken Boti, Mutton tikka and Daal. Served with fresh bread this is a haven for die-hard foodies.

4.Take a Walk through the Parks in Dubai

Away from the glitz and glamour of Dubai, there are a few stretches of greenery where you can relax and enjoy a number of activities. Dubai boasts a number of beautiful public parks where you can enjoy activities such as playing ball games or barbequing. When in Dubai, try and visit parks such as Safa Park and Mushrif Park.

5.Visit the Burj Khalifa

Dubai trip is incomplete without a visit to the magnificent Burj Khalifa. It has the fastest lift in the entire world which will surely blow your mind. Enjoy a great and expansive view of the Persian Gulf from the top of Burj Khalifa.
When in Dubai, don’t miss out these activities and make your trip a memorable affair.

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