Himachal Tour: Cuisines to try


Himachal Pradesh is not only blessed by breathtaking natural beauty but it is also famous for its exquisite dishes. The cuisines in Himachal Pradesh have a rich aroma and unique taste due to the extensive use of spices and dairy product. The food is richer in taste as it’s mostly cooked in the slow heat. Himachali cuisine is well-known for its rich and spicy food. Let’s take a look at the must-try cuisines of Himachal Pradesh:


This is local bread made from wheat flour. The flour is first kneaded with yeast and then set aside until it rises. It is then steamed on direct flame. You can have this bread with butter or ghee. You can also have it with daal or mutton dishes. If you are planning a tour to Himachal then check our Himachal tour packages at Tourient.com . Visit today to grab the best deals.

2.Auriya Kaddoo

This dish is also known as Kaddoo Ka Khatta. As the name suggests, this dish has a tangy flavour and is very popular in Himachal Pradesh. This dish is made from Pumpkin and is cooked with dry raw mango (amchoor) powder along with other spices. It has a pungent and spicy flavour and can be enjoyed both with rice and sidu.


This is among the most famous delicacies of Himachal Pradesh and is a must for any festivities in the state. Madra represents an essential chapter of the food culture of Himachal Pradesh. It is made from chickpeas or chana or kidney beans. The beans are cooked with a variety of spices, yoghurt and clarified butter. It is usually served with Roti. A trip to Himachal Pradesh is incomplete without tasting Madra.


If you really want to go on a culinary journey in Himachal Pradesh, the best time to visit the place is during any festivity. You can have exquisite Himachali cuisine which is an integral part of any celebration and festival. Dham is one such dish without which any celebration or festival is incomplete. The USP of this dish is that only special cooks called “botis” can prepare this. They belong to a special sect of Brahmins and are chefs from many generations. Dham is a complete meal prepared with a variety of beans and lentils mixed in sour sauce and jaggery.


This dish resembles an Idli but unlike the South Indian Idli, Indre is prepared from brown lentils. It is flavoured with chilli and salt. Sometimes these are also stuffed with taro roots and spicy potatoes.

Next time when you visit Himachal Pradesh taste these dishes to get a unique taste of the rich flavours of the state.

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