6 Best Places to Visit in 2017

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It’s the right time for travellers to start chalking out their 2017 travel bucket list. If you’re one of those confused-forever souls then we can help you put together a travel bucket list for 2017. Let’s check the places we’ve included in the list!

1. Devon, England

Well known for its surf beaches and luscious cream teas, Devon is home to stunning countryside views and rich natural beauty. From historic buildings to thrilling outdoor activities, Devon has something for everyone. Explore the history of this place by visiting historic cities such as Plymouth and Exeter. Visit the traditional tearooms to experience the teatime luxury of Old England. Don’t forget to gorge on the Devon Crab sandwiches, cream tea, and a pint of cider. You can go for country walks and experience nature first-hand. Adventure seeking souls can try paddleboard, surfing, kayaking, and angling.

2. Phwangpui, Mizoram

Located at a height of 2150 metres from the sea level, this place is synonymous with peace and rich natural splendour. Phwangpui, also known as the Blue Mountain, finds a place in the local folklore. You can hear stories of the local deity Sangau from the natives. It’s also home to many species of flora and fauna. From colourful wild orchids to rhododendrons this place is an ideal vacation spot for plant aficionados. You can see some of the rarest animals such as stump-tailed macaque, leopard cat, Asiatic black bear, capped langurs, and gorals here. To reach Phwangpui, take a flight to Shillong, Guwahati, or Imphal and then take a bus or a cab. You can book your flight tickets online. Visit http://www.tourient.com/ and book your flights now.

3. Jerusalem, Israel

More than a pilgrimage, the City of David has emerged as a favourite destination for foodies from all across the globe. From Kurdish shamburak, chimichurri to a pastry with brisket, people can gorge on mouth-watering delicacies and experience the culture and lifestyle of the Jewish diaspora.

4. Levi, Finland

Levi in Finland is home to phenomenal natural beauty. Visit this place during winters and you will be amazed by the awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped landscape. You can also go to Lapland to witness the magical Northern Lights. When in Finland, you can visit the neighbouring places such as Oslo and Stockholm.

5. The Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur), India

The Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) lets you experience the rich, colourful and vibrant culture of India. From breathtaking landscapes to historical landmarks, from bustling markets to majestic forts, each corner of the cities mentioned are sprinkled with magic and leave you wanting for more.

6. Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy

This is a charming medieval city nestled in the lap of nature. It is well known for its amazing topography and its renaissance beauty. You can explore the medieval architecture, pagan temples and tunnels dating back to pre-Roman era.

We hope that this list will help you finalise your travelling goals. Enjoy exploring the places.

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