4 Places For Adventure Lovers


We all have our perception about an “ideal vacation”. For some, vacation means lazing around, spending time lying on the beach gazing at the clouds and sun. While for some a vacation is all about getting an adrenaline rush. In case you belong to the second category, then there are many places where you can enjoy an adventurous holiday. Take a look:

Ozark and Ouachita Mountains – Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma

If biking and camping in the highlands are what in your mind, then Ozark and Ouachita highlands in the central USA are the places you must visit. These are rugged plateaus with sedimentary rock deposits. To get a real taste of the rugged terrains, visit the Hot Springs National Park and the Ouachita National Forest. The best time to visit these two places is during late October to enjoy the fall foliage. Or else visit during April or May to witness the region in full bloom. If you are looking for international holiday packages, then visit http://www.tourient.com/ and check our deals.

Go for Galapagos Island Cruise, Equador

Darwin visited this place to study the life and behaviour of the rare fauna found here. The Galapagos Islands is a place with little or no human influences and are the most environmentally protected places on the Earth. It’s a nature lover’s paradise with its pure and untouched natural grandeur. Want to get an up-close view of the sea lions, whales, iguanas, flamingos, dolphins, sea lions and reef sharks? If yes, then you can see them all here. You can also go for a swim or hike around the lagoons, and forests.

Visit Zion National Park, Utah

Located just 100 miles away from the Grand Canyon National Park, it’s a two and half hours drive away from Las Vegas. Located in a high-elevation desert area, the daytime and nighttime temperature at Zion National Park can vary a lot. Daytime temperature can cross 100 degrees at times while the night time temperature can drop drastically. Summers can be very harsh as the daytime temperature can be brutal. The best way to explore Zion is by foot.

Go for Elephant Trekking at Chiang Mai

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a place that will nurture your adventurous soul. Go on an elephant trek when at Chiang Mai. A mahout or elephant rider sits on the head of the animal, and the passenger sits on a seat strapped on its back. You can also ride a bamboo raft on the river, taste the native cuisine, hire a tuk-tuk and explore the city or go to the Chiang Dao caves.

Book your flights today and set out for a vacation that will stimulate your mind, body, and senses.

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