4 Romantic Destinations in Europe for Valentine’s Day

Romantic Destinations in Europe

Europe is a destination with a perplexing natural charisma. Each part of this continent is an embodiment of romance. A visit to this place not only awakens your soul but also fills it with new expressions and feelings. Be it your anniversary trip or just a leisure trip with your beloved, this Valentine’s Day head straight towards to these romantic destinations in Europe:

1. Colmar, France

Located in proximity to Germany and Switzerland, Colmar is a place where you can experience centuries old rich European history. Colmar is a protected area for its historical richness and is maintained through an extensive and continuous restoration process. Centuries-old wooden houses, lovely canals, and quality shops and restaurants lining the paths make Colmar an impressive place. The multicoloured houses of the city give it a vibrant appearance. If you visit Colmar, don’t forget to walk down the paths of the place called La Petite Venise or Little Venice. Planning a trip to France? Or any other place in Europe? If yes then check our international holiday packages at http://www.tourient.com/ and grab the best deals.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The winding waterways, the laid-back atmosphere, and the narrow pathways with spots to wine and dine make Amsterdam a perfect place for romantic couples. This place is also well-known for the maze of canals entwined with the city’s landscape. Amsterdam is also close to a number of beautiful beaches. If you love the feeling of sand in your toes, don’t miss to visit popular beaches such as Bloemendaal aan Zee and enjoy a Dutch-style beach party, and Zandvoort to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

3. Porto, Portugal

Rich in culture, history, amazing architecture, and beautiful landscapes, Porto is the true “Cicada Invicta” or the unvanquished city. The city cohabits with the rivers. You can quietly stroll by the River Douro or River of Gold hand in hand with your beloved or cruise on the majestic river enjoying the stunning view of the city. If you are in love with the sand and the beaches, you can visit the beaches at Foz do Douro. If both of you are history enthusiast, you can track the country’s old trade routes at Palacio da Bolsa and enjoy the grand beauty of Sé Catédral.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia

The old port city of Dubrovnik lies on the shore of Adriatic Sea in Croatia. This is a place which is a classic blend of history and romantic escapades. This place is protected by the UNESCO. The days here are brilliantly sunny and the nights are glimmering with the starry sky and the silver moon. History unfolds in the spiralling labyrinths of the city and paints vivid picture of the bygone era of wealth, sailing vessels, and power. Explore the city, visit exhibitions and concerts, swim, photograph, and do whatever you want. Dubrovnik is a place that you would love to revisit.

What are you waiting for? The colourful landscapes, bustling streets, and European sweetness of life await you.

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