5 Romantic Destinations in Europe for Couples


With alluring landscapes and majestic cities, Europe is the perfect destination for any couple who are seeking a romantic sojourn. Here is a list of places that every hopeless romantic couple would love to visit:

1. Sinatra, Portugal

Located amidst beautiful mountains and azure blue sea, Sinatra is a jewel in the heart of Portugal. It is a place that invites people who love to lose themselves in the rich historical heritage and beauty of the city. Sinatra will take you through a ride that offers opulent gastronomical exposure, a view of the cosmopolitan culture of the city, and the magical beauty of nature. Each corner of the city exudes an aura that will leave a deep impression on your heart and soul. If you are looking for best international holiday packages, visit http://www.tourient.com/ and check our deals.

2. London, United Kingdom

This romantic city is an amalgamation of sweet, spectacular, and quirky. The panoramic view of the city will soothe your eyes. Take a stroll hand in hand with your soul mate, soak up in its vivid culture and history, or watch a show at the West End, London has plenty to offer to romantic souls.

3. Florence, Italy

Being the historic centre of Italy, Florence boasts a wealth of masterpieces across its landscape. It’s so beautiful that you cannot segregate the city from the artwork it contains. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1982, Florence is as beautiful as a dream. From narrow labyrinths of the historical city to the Roman Quadrilateral, Florence will wow your soul with its medieval charm.

4. Paris, France

This is a city of eternal charm that attracts all hopeless romantics from all across the globe. If a romantic getaway means candlelit dinners in the evening, taking romantic walks, cruises, and shopping, then Paris is the ideal place for you.

5. Santorini, Greece

This is one of the most sought after romantic places in entire Europe. There are not many places on earth where you can gaze at the endless sea while perched on an enormous active volcano just at the middle of the sea. This tiny island has picture perfect landscape. Watching a sunset together at Santorini is the ultimate romantic experience for couples.

6. Bruges, Belgium

With stunning landscapes and enthralling natural beauty, Bruges is a pictures perfect place for romantic couples. The ornately carved buildings, cobbled streets, and 14-th century architecture oozes a medieval charm that will make you stop and gaze with awe. Being the capital of West Flanders, Bruges is a place of beautiful serpentine canals crisscrossing the city landscape.

7. Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a place packed with a rich cultural history and tradition. This city has a small-town charm and warmth that will instantly make you feel at home. The old streets and alleys, lined with colourful wooden houses and lawns covered with flowers seem like a place carved right out of a fairytale.

We hope you will visit and enjoy these places.

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