4 Offbeat Rajasthan Itinerary

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You have heard about the majestic forts and the great Hawa Mahal of Rajasthan. Apart from these famous places, there is yet another facet of this land of forts that you have never seen before. If you are planning to explore the unseen Rajasthan this year, then stay away from the popular places and visit these unusual and offbeat places instead:

1. Banswara

The district of Banswara got its name from the bamboo grooves that cover the majority of the landscape here. This is a place which is mostly inhabited by the tribal people belonging to the Bhil community. Located just between Chittaurgarh and Udaipur, Banswara preserves the remains of an ancient city that once existed here. The place is surrounded by a stone wall while the ruins of the majestic palace of the former rulers stand overlooking the place. Places of interest in Banswara includes City Palace, which is reminiscent of the typical Rajput style of architecture; Madareshwar temple, and Anand Sagar Lake, an artificial lake located in the Eastern end of the district, this place is famous for its majestic natural beauty. If you are planning your trip to Rajasthan and want to do flight booking online, then visit http://www.tourient.com/ and book your tickets today.

2. Mahansar

Located in Shekhawati, Manansar is a quaint little town established in 1768. The most popular attraction in Mahansar is Sone Chandi ki Dukaan which dates back to the 18th century. The Shekhawati region boasts a lot of havelis and this haveli is famous of all. The entire haveli is a work of art. Covered with murals of intricate details in natural and golden tones, the walls of the haveli are richly decorated with brilliant and elaborate paintings. Most of the time, the haveli remains locked, you have to ask the local merchants for the keys. Apart from Sone Chandi ki Dukaan, you can also visit the Dancing halls, and the Raghunath Temple.

3. Barmer

The district of Barmer is well known for its hospitality, warmth, and the charm of age-old traditions carefully preserved by the locals. The history of this place dates back to 13th century. Bahada Rao was the ruler of this place who found this place and named it Barmer or the hill fort of Bar. This place is famous for its rich handicrafts, wood carvings, and intricate embroidery. The best time to visit this place is during March. It’s the time for the Barmer festival when this place comes alive with life.

4. Kuchaman

This place was found in 1781 AD by Thakur Zalim Singh, this place houses a magnificent fort that still retains its old charm and grandeur. Peace and tranquillity will be your companion here. The fort is enough to keep you glued to this place. It boasts a display of semi-precious stone, gold paintings and other artworks. The sheesh mahal of this fort is also a masterpiece.

These places will reveal a different aspect of Rajasthan that was previously unknown to you. We hope you will enjoy your visit.

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