6 Tips to Enjoy your Dubai Trip

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So, you have decided to visit Dubai. That’s awesome. But do you have any plans for ensuring that you enjoy the most there? Planning a trip to Dubai is not as easy as booking international holiday packages. It takes much thought and effort. Want to know how to maximise your fun and make the most out of your trip? Read on:

1. Research. Research and Research.

What are the main attractions of the city? Make a list of it. If you are a shopaholic, then have you identified the best shopping areas and malls in Dubai? How have you planned your days for exploring the city? Have you made a list of the places to visit and the areas to cover? Having a proper plan will help you save your time and a thorough research will ensure that you cover every major attraction in Dubai. This will minimise confusion and maximise your enjoyment as you will know what to do and where to go.

2. Learn the local language

No, you do not have to take Arabic classes to do that. But a few phrases and words will do. When you are visiting an exotic location, you need to interact with the locals. Knowing the local language will help you communicate with themmuch more easily. Although, most of the people in Dubai understand and can speak English, mastering a few lines and phrases in the local language will add to the fun.

3. Plan a desert safari

Do not leave Dubai without going on a desert safari. Check whether your international tour package includes desert safari or not. Almost all Dubai packages include this. Desert safari will expose you to a different aspect of Dubai. From dune bashing to belly dancing, you can enjoy a lot of activities during your desert safari. If you have motion sickness, then do not forget to carry medicines and candies.

4. Experience the Local Way of Life

“When in Rome do as the Romans do.” That goes for Dubai too! Because that’s the only way you can have maximum fun. Ditch the cars and walk to explore the alleys of the city. Try the local food. See where local people eat the most. Avoid the malls and shop at the local souks. Interact with the local people and learn their way of life. This is not only enriching but will also give you a true and intimateexperience of the city.

5. Check online deals

Before you travel to Dubai, find restaurants and hotel deals online. This will save not only your money but also your time.

6. Experience new things

Have you ever tried skydiving? Or camel riding? No? Then try it next time. This will double your fun.

Pack you travel bags and set out for Dubai with your family today. If you want to book a trip to Dubai, you can check our international holiday packages at http://www.tourient.com/Packages/76.

One thought on “6 Tips to Enjoy your Dubai Trip

  1. Thank you for your tips. I have been to Dubai during my last vacation. I dined out at City Centre Deira http://www.citycentredeira.com/dining with my family. It had a very good ambiance and the services rendered were really good. The waiters were so kind and accommodating. I will consider all these tips during my next visit.


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