7 Holiday Destinations in India for Second Honeymooners

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Was your first honeymoon a magic and you want to relive the memories again? Or was it a mishap and want to make up for it?

Either way, a second honeymoon in a perfect holiday destination is a thought worth considering. And a second honeymoon is totally cool as it is increasingly becoming an ongoing trend. Read http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/relationships/love-sex/A-second-honeymoon-Why-not/articleshow/7475791.cms.

But what about the places, you might ask? Below we discuss some of the hottest names amongst travel and honeymoon connoisseurs.
WARNING: Be ready to get spoilt for choices.

1. Manali

Manali (aka ‘Switzerland of India’) is one of the most favored honeymoon destinations in India. The quaint place has a lovely ambiance of romance as the snow clad mountains make up a perfect scenic backdrop. You can explore the surrounding valley as well; some of the places that are worth visiting in Manali include Solang Valley, Naggar Castle, The Manali Club House, Rothang Pass, Snow Point and Tibetan monasteries.

2. Sikkim

Although Sikkim is popular for several scenic towns, Gangtok is where you would want to make your stay. The small and humble town possesses an unmatched beauty and brings out the nature lover in you. One of the most romantic activities that you can do in Gangtok is taking the cable car ride.

3. Lakshwadeep Islands

Get humbled by the mighty and colossal Indian Ocean, visit Lakshwadeep Islands to make your second honeymoon a perfect one. The shorelines in Lakshwadeep Island are crystal blue and you’ll get to experience a pure bliss. Some of the activities worth doing in Lakshwadeep Islands include scuba diving, kayak ride and even surfing.

4. Cherrapunjee

For experiencing a one-of-a-kind second honeymoon, why not hide away in the woods of Cherrapunjee; the wettest place on Earth.

Due to abundant rainfall, forests in Cherrapunjee are salubrious and dense. There are almost 500 years old root bridges and stalactites caves which are fun to explore. You can book hotels and resorts that are near to the jungle for experiencing adventurous thrill. For more convenience, you can check out some of the best holiday packages in India on our homepage.

5. Srinagar

Srinagar is a completely different perspective of India, and is one of the most visited honeymoon places. When in Srinagar, be sure to take the boat ride; especially during the evening as the sky blushes red which is utterly romantic.  You can even visit the Mughal Gardens and resuscitate your old love.

6. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

If you are looking for privacy and magic, then Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a must visit for you. Andaman and Nicobar Island is a scenic bliss; visit the place and you’ll know just why.

7. Goa

The name that everybody is familiar with, Goa, is a must-visit place for all second honeymooners. The hot Indian tourist destination doesn’t need any introduction as the coastal retreat of the beaches here will create a perfect vibe for rekindling your love.

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