Flying to Dubai? Keep these Things in Mind

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Are you planning a trip to Dubai? Here are some tips that might be of help to you when you visit the city.

Dubai attracts travellers from all over the world, thanks to it’s contemporary architectural marvels. But as the city has a specific set of norms, you must be careful and well-informed about the city’s customs and regulations for a stress-free visit.

Time the visit

First things first, you need to choose the season you’ll visit Dubai. October to May would be the best time of the year to visit the city as the weather gets really comforting. Avoid visiting from June to September as the weather will be too hot & humid.

Another thing that you should be concerned about is booking flights. It is a known fact that international airlines release their cheapest seats about six months prior to departure dates. So, start looking for flight tickets and comparing them beforehand. If you want to get the best deals, then check out

Similarly, it would be beneficial for you if you consider booking hotels in advance. As October through April is the prime time of Dubai tourism, book hotels prior to three months of your visit to get great deals.

Gather information

It is definitely beneficial to gain knowledge about the place that you are planning to visit. So, hit the internet and research about some of the latest happenings in Dubai; it could be anything – news about political agendas, ongoing festivals, movements – just anything worth knowing.

As Dubai is recognised as a popular shopping destination, try scratching out some information about the shopping scene in the city. Just so you should know, Dubai is a posh city and most shopping malls out there are luxurious and top notch.

Dubai is also a perfect city for treating yourself with tantalising food. Amongst all delectable delicacies, you can relish on traditional mid-eastern specialities like Al Machboos, Shawarmas and Al Harees.

Be conservative

Although you get to enjoy a nice and warm hospitality in Dubai, you should be thoughtful about how you present yourself out in the public. This goes out especially for women – try and dress modestly to avoid unwanted attention. Similarly, men walking around with their shirt off are considered inappropriate in Dubai.

PDA (public display of affection) is considered offensive in Dubai. There are cases where visitors have been arrested and imprisoned for showing PDA. So, make sure not to hold hands or kiss your partner out in the public.

Another important factor to consider is that you cannot just go out taking pictures of everyone; certainly not Muslim women. Also keep in mind that you don’t click pictures of military installations, airports and government buildings.

Last but not the least, have respect for the Muslim culture. Show affection for Muslim feasts like Ramadan.

Feeling inspired for a Dubai trip? Book your flight tickets online today and get ready for a lifetime experience.

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