Romantic Destinations in India That are Simply Magical

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Sometimes the monotony of life becomes really exasperating. Those are the times when your mind craves for a vacation, far away from the cacophony of life with your special someone. Don’t you feel so? If a vacay with your special someone is just what in your mind, we have got a list of magical places in India for you. Take a look:

1. Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Just 18 kilometres from MacLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, this spectacularly beautiful place will take your breath away. The mighty Dhauladhar range, the grassy meadows and the cloud caressing the landscape sum up a perfect place to be with your loved one.

2. Cherrapunji. Meghalaya

Have you ever dreamt of floating on the clouds? If yes, then it’s the time to turn your dream into reality. Touted as the second wettest place on earth (it’s preceded by Maywsynram), the views in Cherrapunji will leave you mesmerised. A long drive on the winding road with your sweetheart while the drizzle splashing on your car- what else could be more magical than this?

3. Mararikulam, Kerala

If both of you love the feeling of sand on your feet and the touch of the salty breeze on your skin, then head straight to Mararikuram. Time comes to a standstill in this amazing beach. Mararikuram is the perfect place to escape the city and sit back and enjoy the roaring ocean, the sand, and the view of the swaying coconut trees lining the beach.

4. Coorg, Kerala

Get lost in the beauty of the Tadiandamol peak, get enchanted by the cascading waters of the Iruppu Falls or explore the endangered wildlife species at Pushpagiri, Coorg is one of the most romantic and rejuvenating getaways for couples.

5. Gangtok, Sikkim

Winter is one of the best times to enjoy the pristine beauty of Gangtok with your sweetheart. Enjoy the spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga, explore the deep valleys, the ethereal landscape of Gangtok will give you plenty of opportunities to gasp in awe.

6. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The misty green mountains and the lush green valleys, Ooty is a place that’s a blend of the old and the contemporary. The charming Raj-era bungalows, the tall pines resembling the English country lanes, Ooty is a refreshing place for an idyllic romantic sojourn.

7. Munnar, Kerala

Coffee plantations, mountains, lakes, houseboats- what more do you need for a romantic hideaway? Munnar is a place that’s well known for its salubrious air. The charm of the backwaters will definitely leave both of you wanting for more.

8. Gulmarg, Kashmir

The pristine white snow mixed with a chill in the air and stunning natural vistas- the recipe for a perfect romantic getaway cannot get better than this. Cosy up in front of the fire place while enjoying the stunning landscape through your window, take a gondola ride together or explore the snow-clad mountain, Gulmarg will give you every possible reason to fall in love with it.

Best Tour Packages in India

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