6 Romantic Beach Getaways

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Just as people are different, beach vacations differ and are not the same for everybody. Fortunately, there are only so many stunning beaches in the world that you cannot visit them all.

Here are 6 romantic beach getaways that you may consider for your next vacation.

1. Boracay – Philippines

Located about 200 miles south of Manila, Philippines, Boracay is a tiny island getaway as it is about a mile wide and little more than four miles long. But be that as it may, the island is undergoing big development as new multimillion-dollar properties are burgeoning.
The island’s dreamy White Beach is a postcard-perfect stretch of dive shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels. Other popular beaches of the tiny island include Bulabog Beach, Banyugan Beach, and Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach).

2. Hawaii – USA

The beaches in Hawaii are the answer to what every couple would look for in their beach vacation – best surf, turquoise waters, or gleaming white sands. Slack-key guitar music, aloha shirts, Pidgin, and flip-flops are just the way of life, island style.

The most popular Hawaiian beaches that live up to everyone’s fancy include Waikiki Beach, Kaanapali Beach, Honaunau Bay, Poipu Beach, and Kauna’oa Beach.

3. Bali – Indonesia

Bali would make up for a perfect romantic beach getaway as the island is home to several secluded beaches including Nusa Dua Beach, Sanur Beach, Kuta Beach, Nyang Nyang Beach, and Lovina Beach.
Apart from all the tourist-focused fun including water sports and luxury resorts, the rich and diverse culture of Bali doesn’t fail to fascinate visitors.

4. Todos Santos – Mexico

Once a sleepy beach town in Baja California, Todos Santos has now started to come into limelight for travellers, thanks to several thriving artist communities which hold annual music fests.

The beaches in Todos Santos are great for surf fishing, skim boarding, swimming, surfing, and camping. But above all, the beaches are secluded which make up for a perfect romantic getaway.

Some of the popular beaches in Todos Santos include Playa Cerritos, Punta Lobos, Playa Pescadero, and Playa San Pedro.

5. Curaçao

Curaçao is home to 38 stunning beaches and this sole reason makes the island country a hot tourist destination. Curaçao is also a go-to spot for divers as the waters are home to brilliant corals, sea horses and barracuda.

Cas Abao, Jan Thiel Beach, Mambo Beach, and Playa Lagun are some of the best beaches in Curaçao.

6. The Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands (cluster of islands in Greece) are a perfect solution for those couples who just can’t settle on just one location. Porto Katsiki (Lefkada), Voutoumi Beach (Paxi), Myrtos Beach (Kefalonia), and Navagio Beach (Zakynthos) are some of the most popular beaches that are scattered over the Ionian Islands.

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