What to Shop in these Popular Tourist Destinations in India

India Tour Packages

Souvenirs are something that always reminds you of the trip you have taken. From exquisite handicrafts to sweets, each state in India offers a speciality that you would love to bring back to your friends and family members. Here’s a list of items to shop for if you are travelling to these tourist place in India:

1. Rajasthan

Rajasthan is well-known for its exclusive accessories, Kundan jewellery and Lac bangles. If you are visiting Rajasthan, do not forget to get some for the women and girls in your family.

2. Jammu and Kashmir

This is a land of variations and natural beauty. But if you are visiting Jammu and Kashmir, exquisite Pashmina shawls are a must buy. Pashmina is very fine Cashmere wool and from centuries, these are worn by the royalty and the elite people in Kashmir. If you are visiting Ladakh, you may even pick Tibetan prayer flags and items made from paper mache. These are very colourful and are intricately painted.

3. Uttar Pradesh

If you are visiting Agra you may buy marble carvings and sculptures from the place. You will find plenty of shops in that area that sells such products. Intricately decorated marble plates, marble figurines of animals and deities are things you should buy when visiting this place.

4. Bihar

Bihar is the birthplace of the famous Madhubani or Mithila painting. This type of painting first originated in a village called Maithili in Bihar and is one of the oldest art forms in the region. Naturally, when you are visiting this state, this is a must-buy thing. This type of painting usually depicts scenes from Hindu mythology or images of Hindu deities. Madhubani painting is created using branches, twigs, matchsticks, and single hair brushes and is painted using natural pigments. You may even get hand printed sarees too.

5. Odisha

If you are visiting Odisha and wondering what to buy then without any second thoughts, go for Pattachitra painting. This is a famous artwork of the state and usually, comes in a scroll form. The scenes that are depicted are usually from Hindu mythology and the entire story is painted in a single piece of canvas. This art form dates back to about 5 century B.C and the colours that are used are all natural colours.

6. Gujarat

The state is famous for its needlework. So if you are travelling to Gujarat, buy Katab appliqué clothes. This exquisite handicraft is done by stitching pieces of clothes in a decorative manner. These pieces are embellished with mirror work and embroidery to add richness.

7. Assam

The weave works and mekhla sarees are the two must-buy souvenirs in Assam.

8. Chattisgarh

Home to several tribal communities, Chhattisgarh is a place where you will get the best terracotta pottery and sculptures. These works represent the customs and rituals of the state.

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