Dubai Travel Checklist for First-time Visitors

Dubai Tour Packages

Among all the emirates that constitute the UAE, Dubai is the most popular destination for travellers. The awe-inspiring skyline, luxury spa, the romantic Arabian sands, and the futuristic architecture attract millions of tourists every year.

If you too have planned to visit the city during your next holiday, then read on to know about the ultimate travel checklist for Dubai:

Packing for Summers


As Dubai is very modern and a relaxed city, it is a good idea to dress modestly while you are there. While on the beach, you may wear your bathing suit but otherwise, it’s best to dress modestly: especially when you visit any mosque or any public places. Bring light coloured clothing as these reflect sunlight and keep you cool.

Sun Protection

During summers, the days are extremely hot and the temperature often reaches 100 degrees. So, if you are travelling between May and October do not forget to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and hat. Pack lip balms. Also, pack sandals to keep your feet from burning when on the beach.

You may also purchase all these items in Dubai. Do not forget to pack few swimsuits for your beach, local water parks, and pool visits. And if you are planning to capture all these beautiful moments, bring a waterproof camera. Clothing should be light coloured to deflect the sun’s rays. A sun umbrella is extremely handy to keep the sun rays off your face.

Packing for winters

The desert can be extremely cold during winters and especially during night time. From December through February, it’s winter in Dubai. So, pack a light sweater or jacket. Women may also pack Pashmina or shawl. This will help keep you warm and can double as a fashion accessory.

The temperature during the day time is modest. Dubai is hot and humid throughout the year; however, day time temperature is a bit mild during winters. So, pack light as you would do during summers. Also, do not forget to pack sunscreen and other essentials to keep you safe from the sun.

Other Packing essentials for Dubai

The air of the desert is dry. So, pack moisturiser and do not forget to use it a couple of times, most preferably after showers and during day time. Keep a small portable fan or a folding fan with you. This might rescue you during the hot weather in summers.

When in Dubai, you cannot miss the opportunities to hike the Arabian sands. Be sure to pack your hiking boots that are specially designed for deserts. Keep a small backpack to carry along and for holding water and other essentials.

Keep an extra pair of clothing with you. Whatever clothes you are packing, make sure that you pack extra as due to high humidity, clothes take longer to dry. Pack extra socks and other essentials to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Dubai Tour Packages

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