London: Historical Marvels That you Can’t Afford to Miss

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The historic city of London is strewn with attractions that add to its medieval charm. The city dates back to the Roman times and that’s why it is home to some of the most iconic historical marvels. From the Roman period to the Second World War and beyond, here’s a list of must-visit historical sites in London:

1. The Tower of London

This place dates back to the conquest by the Normans and is a royal residence. From the Royalty to notorious prisoners, this imposing structure documents centuries worth of history. This place was commissioned in the 11th century by William the Conqueror and was used as a prison from 1100 through 1952.

Under Richard the Lionheart, Henry III, and Edward I, the Tower of London underwent several phases of expansion. Throughout the history of the city, this tower has been used for various purposes such as menagerie, armoury, Royal mint, treasury, and an office for holding public records.

2. Buckingham Palace

Queen Victoria was the first Royal resident of the Buckingham Palace and now, it is home to Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family. The palace has 775 rooms and was originally built in the 18th century for the Duke of Buckingham. You can tour the palace and witness ceremonies such as Change of Guard.

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral

This is not only an important aspect of the city’s skyline but it’s also an integral part of the history of London. This cathedral was completed in the 18th century and is the fourth cathedral which is built on the same site. The first cathedral was built in 604 AD. The crypt of this cathedral is the final resting place of many British iconic personalities including Winston Churchill and Lord Nelson.

4. Jewel Tower

This is the only remaining building from the original Westminster Palace and is located near the Houses of Parliament. The Westminster Abbey and Big Ben are located just a few minutes away from Jewel Tower.
As the name suggests, this place was originally built for keeping the personal treasures of the King. An additional moat was dug around it as an extra layer of protection. Jewel Tower was also known as the King’s Privy Wardrobe.

5. Westminster Abbey

Starting from William the Conqueror, this place has witnessed all British royal coronation. Formally known as the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster, this place is also the burial site for English and British monarchs.

Tourists are allowed to visit the coronation chair of the Royals along with the 600 tombs of the Royalty including Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots. The royal weddings are also held here. Since 1100, the place has witnessed at least 16 royal weddings including the weddings of Henry I and Richard II.

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