Dubai: 6 Facts On Etiquettes And Culture

dubai etiquettes and culture

Getting to know about the codes of conduct in a city such as Dubai is important. The government and citizens of Dubai pay high value to the morale, etiquettes and culture and expect the same from visitors.

Once you to get to know about the religious and cultural decorum in the city, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience while respecting the values and ethics of the place.

Here are the 6 facts about etiquettes and culture in Dubai:

  1. Religious ethics are not as strict as generally perceived

As UAE is a Muslim country, all the emirates including Dubai have certain rules which are to be followed by everyone, including the tourists. For instance, drinking and eating in public is not allowed during Ramadan. However, there are designated places for non-Muslims where they can eat and drink during Ramadan.

Also, it is possible for the tourists to visit most Mosques as the cultural atmosphere in the city is warm and inviting.

  2. Rules for alcohol consumption

Tourists can buy alcohol in licensed restaurants and bars that are located in hotels. Drinking and driving is illegal in the city and may have to serve harsh penalties for violating the rule. Alcohol can also be purchased from duty-free shops at the international airport.

  3. The right gestures

In Dubai, courtesy such as allowing a Muslim (especially of opposite sex) to offer a handshake first, and standing up for guests are common. Some of the gestures that are considered rude and disrespectful include not using the whole hand while giving a hand gesture, crossing the legs in front of a respected person.

  4. Dress codes

Tourists are free to wear casual clothes such as t-shirts and shirts in public. Tourists can even wear swimwear at beaches and pool. However, covering up is important in other places. Similarly, arms and legs are to be covered when visiting mosques and other religious sites. Women are required to wear headscarves when entering mosques.

  5. Public display of affection

Public display of affection such as hugging and kissing is prohibited in Dubai. Holding hands is accepted; however, one should be careful that his/her actions might not offend anyone in the public.

Similarly, tourists are urged to be careful while taking photographs, especially taking photos of the locals and women. Taking pictures of government establishments, and airports are banned in the city.

  6. Business etiquette

Working days and hours in Dubai vary with different companies. The general working days are Sunday to Thursday. Similarly, dress codes vary with different companies. However, women are required to cover their arms and legs in a business environment.

Business etiquette such as morning meetings and appointments made in advance are highly revered. Apart from offices, business meetings are also preferred in restaurants and cafes. Sensitive topics that put people at the edge should be avoided.

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