6 Things To Do In Dubai’s Desert

things to do in dubai desert

Dubai deserts are brimming with activities. From dune bashing to quad biking, there are plenty of activities to feed your adventurous soul and raise your adrenaline levels.
If you are visiting Dubai, do not miss these opportunities.

1. Dubai Safari
A must-do activity on everyone’s list, a trip to the desert city is incomplete without exploring its desert. This is an unmatched experience as you start your journey through the sand dunes, going up and then dropping down the sandy slopes.
There will be plenty of stops for photo-ops before you are taken back to the camps for a sumptuous barbecue meal and cultural show around the campfire.

2. Try Quad Biking
If you are in a mood to explore the desert landscape of Dubai all by yourself, hop on a quad bike and go for a ride. Wearing a helmet while driving is a must. You can easily hire quad bikes. Head straight to Al Hamar for Quad Biking. You can either ride it along with a driver or hire one (if you want to drive).

3. Take on the sand dunes with sand boarding
Watch for the highest sand dune and glide through its slope with a snowboard-type sand board. This is a must-try activity for all adventure freaks. You can hire a sand board separately. Often, sandboarding is a part of the Dubai safari trips that are offered. Here you can learn all the tricks of gliding smoothly down the sandy slopes.

4. Falconry Experiences
How does it feel to hold the world’s most exquisite bird of prey on your arms? See these majestic birds soar high on the sky and then get down at tremendous speed to catch their prey.
Falconry is an essential part of the desert life and culture. Every year, numerous enthusiasts gather for competing in the falconry challenges held in Dubai deserts. You may even get a chance to hold these great birds in your arms and discover the tricks of falconry training.

5. Go on a vintage LandRover Safari
Hop on the vintage LandRover and explore the great desert spotting Arabian Oryx and other desert wildlife. A traditional wildlife safari will take you through the most authentic desert experience. You may go on a morning safari and then end your day with a regal Emirati breakfast; or you may opt for the night safari, witness the majestic sunset and then finish your journey with scrumptious Emirati meal.

6. Camel Trek
This is another popular activity that you can enjoy during your Dubai trip. Experience the glory of the Arabian Desert and watch the sunset from the highest dune before taking the way back to the Bedouin camps where a lavish spread of Arabian meal awaits you.

You may even try henna painting on your palms and hands at the Bedouin camps.

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