5 Best Winter Holiday Destinations In Thailand

best winter holiday destination in thailand

At first thought, it might seem a good idea to snuggle in the warm blanket, sipping hot cocoa and shoo the winter-blues away! But, on a second thought, winter isn’t too cold for those who are driven by wanderlust.
And when it gets colder in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s no place better than Thailand to enjoy the warm sun. Here are a few places in Thailand that you can explore this winter:

1. Bangkok
It’s crowded. It’s hectic. It’s crazy. But it’s fun! If you are travelling to Thailand, then a stopover at Bangkok is a must – just to soak-in the bustling city life, the buzzing streets, the crowded streets, vendors selling anything and everything.
You will feel an excitement in the air of Bangkok. Here, you can explore the Buddhist temples (they are true architectural delights!), explore the Chinatown at night, and taste the local cuisines in the street-side restaurants.

2. Chiang Mai
The North Thailand is as beautiful as the sense of spring in the air! Rolling hills covered in a carpet of greenery, elephant safari, and rendezvous with the tribal community – Chiang Mai is very different from the rest of Thailand.
It offers a diverse range of activities. You can go on cultural tours to the temples, explore its wildlife in sprawling national parks, and discover the cultural charms that the place has to offer. When visiting Chiang Mai, do not forget to visit Phra Singh temple located in the Old City, Wat Prasat, and Wat Chedi Luang.

3. Phuket
Picture perfect beaches with loads of photo ops – Phuket has the most stunning landscapes in Thailand. The shutterbugs love this place! This place has the best holiday resorts and the coolest spas to relax and unwind. And if you are looking forward to an active nightlife, visit Patong.

4. Phi Phi Island
Other than Phuket, this is another place that’s embellished with the best jewels of Mother Nature. This is the loveliest place to be in entire Thailand. Located just between Phuket and the Strait of Malacca, Phi Phi Island is the place where you will find yourself surrounded with stunning seaside views, secluded sandy beaches, and the soothing sound of waves kissing the shores.

5. Ko Samui
The best place to beat winter blues away- Ko Samui is extremely popular among couples and honeymooners, and of course those who are looking for “me-time.” The colourful coral reefs, palm-lined beaches, vast coconut plantations, and the rugged rainforests conjure the most beautiful sight that your eyes can behold!

What more? Indulge your senses in boutique resorts, luxurious spas, and fine dining when you are here. Ko Samui is the best place to spend lazy days sitting by the beach. And if you are a party animal, then the Full Moon parties at Ko Phangan is just a boat-ride away.

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