Dubai Shopping: 4 Interesting Ways To Enjoy The Experience

interesting ways to enjoy dubai shopping experience

Considered as the shopaholic’s Mecca, there’s nothing that you cannot find in Dubai. And deciding what to shop and where to go can be intimidating for anyone who’s visiting Dubai for the first time. But don’t worry. We can help you with some insider’s tricks to help you make the most out of that experience.

1. Timing is important

If shopping is the first thing on your to-do list, plan your trip in a way that you can attend the Dubai Shopping Festival. Every year, it starts from the end of December and continues through January. At this time, the weather is also favourable and you can avail huge discounts.

If you are visiting Dubai any other time of the year, the early mornings are the best time to shop. It’s because the shops are usually empty in the early morning and you can avoid the crowd as well.

2. Souvenirs and Gift Items

Everyone brings back a piece of memory from their Dubai trip. And it’s no exception for you. When it comes to souvenirs and gifts, Dubai is filled with great options. You can visit the Karama Market.

It’s the best destination for buying fake items (if you’re not aversive to them) that appear so real that you won’t be able to distinguish between the two. However, you have to bargain a lot. If you are good at that, you will get the best deals there. And if you do not like the price offered by the shopkeeper, do not hesitate to walk away. Often, the shopkeeper will call you back.

3. Visit Souk to buy Gold

The Dubai Gold Souk is the best place to buy gold. Gold jewellery lined from aisle to aisle will make your eyes dazzle. However, before visiting the place, know the market price. Gold prices in Dubai keep fluctuating.

Also, you must be a master at bargaining. The haggling is mainly done on the basis of rate and the making charge. While rates will be similar in every shop, you can haggle on the making charge.

4. Buying Electronics

If you are a gadget freak then Dubai won’t disappoint you. Try to attend GITEX or the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. This is an annual expo where you can avail huge discounts on latest gadgets and get loads of freebies. This week-long expo is attended by some of the biggest technology and IT professional, retailers and suppliers.

In case you missed it, don’t worry. You can still visit the Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai. It’s the best place to buy electronics goods at a great price.

And if you want an overall extravaganza of shopping and complete family entertainment, then visit Global Village. It usually starts during November and continues until April. With pavilions of different countries showcasing their exclusive items, the Global Village is more like a carnival with lots of entertainment.

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