6 Things to Do in Sydney

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What’s the first word that comes to your mind when you hear the name Sydney? It’s pretty obvious. With amazing beaches and great waves, Sydney is famous for its surf culture. But there is more to Sydney than just surfing. Read on and get cracking on your ultimate to-do list before checking the international tour packages for Sydney:

1. Explore the Bondi Icebergs

The Bondi beach is the most famous beach in Sydney and this is the most famous ocean pool here. This 50-metre saltwater pool has been a historic landmark of the Beach for over a century now.

It’s open to the visitors throughout the year. With a minimal entry fee, you can access the gym, sauna, and the pool. What more? You can also enjoy a sweeping view of the Bondi beach from their clubhouse.

2. Visit the Royal National Park

Lining the southern coasts in Sydney, the Royal National Park is spread over an area of 15,091 hectares. This pristine bushland is a beautiful spot for a picnic, trekking, swimming, bike riding and lots of adventure activities. It takes less than an hour to reach Royal National Park by car but you can also take a ferry from Cronulla.

3. Taronga Zoo

This is a place from where you can get the best views of the city. Apart from exploring the wildlife, catch a glimpse of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are coming to the zoo from the south of the bridge then you can take the cable car to reach the entrance. Wait for the performance by the seals and catch other daily shows at their amphitheatre.

4. Go to the Carriageworks Farmers Markets

Best known for its wide array of seasonal produce, this is a place where farmers from all over the New South Wales gather. On weekends, take a stroll around the 70 stalls selling the freshest of produce. You will also find jam specialists, wine merchants, coffee carts along with ready-to-eat stalls of hot pastries, bagels, and crepes.

5. Take the Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee

This six-kilometre stretch of coastline is frequented by nature enthusiasts. Usually, most of the tourists walk the beautiful stretch from Bondi to Bronte but, the walk gets interesting beyond that. Just walk by the Waverley Cemetery and the secluded nook at Gordon’s Bay to reach Coogee.

6. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Do not miss the opportunity to explore the inside ribs of the majestic Sydney Harbour Bridge. You will be given a grey suit and a radio headset to hear the guide’s voice. It’s not as arduous as you are thinking. Rather, it’s like ascending staircases. It’s a bit expensive but the experience is totally worth the money.

Try these options and make your trip memorable.

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