How to Travel Stress-free?

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Travelling is fun. And it’s stressful too. It’s because planning a trip involves a lot of preparation. Here are some tricks to avoid the last-minute hiccups and travel stress-free:

1. Book your hotels early

Don’t wait until the last minute and avoid the lure of last-minute-deals. Hotels run out of rooms quickly during the holiday season. It’s quite stressful to arrive at a place without knowing where you’ll stay.

If you do not want to take the stress of finding an accommodation at the last minute, book early. You can avail the best deals at some of the best hotel booking sites in India throughout the year.

2. Do your research

You want to carry the right clothes and shoes for your trip. You don’t want to miss getting tickets to an event that you plan to attend. So, let you inner research nerd take the lead and find out more about the place you want to travel.

3. Arrive early

Whether you are travelling by train or taking a flight, arrive at the station or airport early. You can never be sure about the traffic situation in India. And you do not want to stress about missing your train/ flight if the cab doesn’t arrive early.

To avoid the unnecessary cortisol-rush, start to your destination at least two hours prior to your scheduled departure.

4. Check-in online

This saves a lot of time when you are taking a flight. Even if you arrive a bit late, you can skip the check-in part and rush straight to the security. Also, try to take a print-out of your ticket or save it in your phone. In case of railway bookings, you can opt for e-tickets.

5. Pack early and light

This helps avoid last minute slips and reduce your stress levels. Nobody wants to run frantically all around the house looking for things and stuffing the bag with them. If you have packed early, you can just pick your bag and leave.

6. Check the local travel options beforehand

It’s a breath of relief when you know the name of your hotel and its location. And you feel super relaxed when you know how and where to get the bus or cab or any other local transport option to reach your hotel. There are plenty of options to book cabs even before your arrival or at least know the bus/train timings.

7. Create your personal-care package

Keep a separate bag where you keep your personal care products and other essentials such as chapstick, sunglass, toothpaste and brush, credit/debit cards, tissues, wipes, medicines, and moisturiser. Having everything that you need at your fingertips make your journey less stressful.

Tour Packages in India

If you are craving for a holiday, start planning today. If you are travelling within the country, the best way is to book the best tour packages in India and travel stress-free. Explore our tour packages for exclusive discounts.

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