How to Make the Most of your Trip to Pattaya

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The multicultural resort city of Pattaya is more than its amazing nightlife. This land of crystalline beaches and the warm sun is much like a tropical paradise. If you are planning a much-awaited tour to Pattaya, then before booking any international tour packages, check this list of fun things to do in Pattaya:

1. Explore the Sanctuary of Truth

Carved entirely out of wood, this ornate temple-like structure offers a great view of the ocean. The entire complex constitutes several cultural monuments, shrines, and art installations. The four wings of this temple are dedicated to religious iconography from the Indian, Thai, Chinese, and Khmer regions. You can enjoy Thai dance performance at the temple complex.

2. Take a Day Trip to Koh Larn

If beach, sun, and blue ocean water are what you crave for, head straight to Ko Lan. Located 7 kilometres offshore from central Pattaya, Koh Larn has a total of six beaches. The beaches offer a host of fun activities such as parasailing. You can take ferries from the Bali Hai pier at Pattaya.

3. Admire Chinese Artwork at Anek Kusala Sala

This museum is home to over 300 Chinese artworks. Most of the statues are made of brass and bronze and depict historical figures such as Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist deities. The first floor of this museum features a display of Chinese deities while the second floor has huge statues of Shaolin monks and statues depicting the daily life in Thailand. Anek Kusala Sala is located 16 kilometres from central Pattaya.

4. Experience the Underwater World

Underwater World is a place that offers a glimpse of the marine life. Located about 4 kilometres south of Pattaya, this is the largest aquarium in that area. You can take part is the Koi-feeding sessions organised here. The place is extremely child-friendly.

5. Witness a beautiful sunset at Khao Phra Tamnak

You can enjoy a stunning view of the Pattaya Bay from Khao Phra Tamnak. Perched on a small hill, this place has a Buddhist temple. It is also revered as a memorial to the admiral who was also the founder of the modern Thai Navy. The sunset views over the Pattaya bay are stunning from here.

6. Take a tour of Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines

Guided tours are available at the Chanthaburi Sapphire mines that will take you through the entire process of cutting and polishing sapphire.

Make the most out of your Trip with Tourient

Try all these activities to make your trip memorable. And we can help you make it a lifetime experience. We have a dedicated team to take care of all your necessities right from booking hotels to booking tickets for your flight back home; because customer convenience is our top priority. Check our international tour packages and grab the best deal that suits your needs.

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