6 Cities To Visit In 2018


Planning your first international trip in 2018? If yes, then we have an entire list of places that are worth visiting in the months ahead. Before booking your international holiday packages, take a look at this list and get inspired:

1. Dubai, the UAE


Audaciously high structures with futuristic design standing against the grand splendour of the golden sand, Dubai has an unabashed spirit. The Leisure City is more than the luxuriously grand shopping malls. The sizzling beaches, the ancient souks, the Bedouin dances, fancy hotels – everything in Dubai will give you myriad experiences. Deeply rooted in Islamic traditions yet breaking all cultural barriers, Dubai is fast emerging as a microcosm of cultures from all across the globe.

2. Seville, Spain

In the past few years, Seville has transformed itself into a city that’s rejuvenating its cultural history. The capital of Andalusia is adorned with gorgeous Gothic cathedrals, baroque churches and mansions that recalls the ancient past of the Moorish city. The city has already showcased its beauty in the Television fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

3. Porto, Portugal


This portside city is well known for its laidback and bohemian lifestyle. Affordable eateries, colourful walls and buildings, cobbled streets, and modern art museums –this city has much more to offer than you can imagine.

4. Warsaw, Poland


This picturesque historical city was ravaged following the World War II. Even today, you will find the year “1954” embossed in a number of facades and walls. It’s the year when the reconstruction of Warsaw began. Today, the city has moved way beyond its tragic past and is thriving with energy, has a buzzing nightlife and lot more activities to enjoy. You can explore the dark past of the city through the local museums and the warehouses, shedding light to a chapter in the evolution of Warsaw.

5. Canberra, Australia

The capital city of Australia is full of surprises. It’s home to amazingly beautiful urban and rural landscape and is a hub of art and culture. Not only that, it offers a perfect landscape for adventure-filled activities.
Explore the museums (most of them are almost free), galleries, and national monuments, it’s also a great place for enjoying adventure activities such as cycling, bushwalking, and exploring the national reserves across the city.

6. Hamburg, Germany

The second largest city and the biggest port city of Germany have been at the centre of International trade for centuries. And even today, it’s holding on to that legacy. This vibrant city has an unabashed culture and youthful vibe. Its past reflects in its architecture. It’s a great place for art lovers and those who love outdoor activities.

Plan your Holiday
Pick any of the cities from the above list for your next adventure. Even we can help you plan a memorable trip to international destinations. At Tourient, our team are always taking initiatives to help you plan your entire trip right from the beginning to its end. For more details, explore our international tour packages today. Learn more about us at http://www.tourient.com/Aboutus.

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