Dubai: Ultimate Guide Of Restaurants To Eat


Dining is an elaborate affair for the Emirati people. Whether you are a foodie or not but the titillating aroma rising from the food will definitely give you a foodgasm.

From Ethiopian to Peruvian, and from Pakistani to authentic Emirati flavours, the sheer volume of the gastronomic offerings will make your stomach growl with hunger. Do visit these restaurants when you are in Dubai:

1. Aseelah
If you are not afraid of experimenting and are quite adventurous in terms of food, Aseelah will take you on a rollercoaster ride of taste. Located in Radisson Blu Hotel, the chefs at this restaurant offer the most adventurous takes on local Emirati cuisine. Also, it’s the only Emirati restaurant that serves alcohol and has a crazy list of cocktails and wines.

2. 3 Fils
Craving for Asian? This small restaurant serves the most authentic, innovative, and unpretentious Asian dishes right at the heart of the desert city. This small restaurant is a foil to the expensive eateries. The menu is ruled by names like the char-grilled octopus, spicy tuna rolls, along with novelty cuisines such as charcoal fry.

3. Al Tawasol
Finding an authentic Emirati restaurant is a bit tricky here (not for the locals though). This family-run restaurant located in Deira serves Emirati cuisine as it has been cooked for ages. You can take a corner seat here and explore spicy saloona (curry) with machboos (lamb). They also serve Mandi, a Yemeni dish which is a dish of slow-cooked meat which is served with aromatic rice.

4. Logma
This funky and chic Emirati cafe is a perfect distraction from the local contemporary restaurants. Logma is a top spot for breakfast with Baith Tamat (scrambled eggs with saffron, spices and tomato), great salads, and Khameer bread sandwiches. The bread is usually stuffed with chicken tikka and is smothered is dibs (date syrup) and cheese.

5. Aroos Damascus
This restaurant is offering a taste of Syria since the early 80s. A perfect meal at Aroos Damascus would always start with the fattoush salad served with hummus and then move on to kebabs. They have a huge outdoor space and you will find it swarming with people even in the wee hours.

6. Lima Dubai
Taste the most creative Peruvian dishes at Lima Dubai that presents a bold combination of spices with unique ingredients to create its signature dishes. Braised Octopus with Green Lentils, and Potato cream with Kalamata Olives, if you are in the mood to experiment something new, then Lima Dubai is a must-visit.

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