5 Things to Do in Phuket


Phuket is an interesting place in Thailand that has an undeniable charm which you cannot ignore. The inviting waters and the tropical vibe give travellers the best of both worlds. If you are planning to book international tour packages to Phuket, then before your visit, check this list of 7 must-do things there:

1. Enjoy a bird’s eye view from Karon Viewpoint
Phuket is largely a mountainous island and as such, there are multiple viewpoints offering a great view of the island. Karon View Point is the most popular of all viewpoints. From one side, you can see the Andaman Sea and at another end, you will get unending views of bays. This is a popular tourist spot at Phuket.

2. Visit the Big Buddha
Take your time out to explore the culture of Phuket. And on your journey to learning about Phuket’s culture, the first stop is the Big Buddha. Located on the peak of Mt. Nagakerd, from here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the horizon and you will also get a 360-degree view of the southern part of the island.

3. Explore Wat Chalong
If you want to taste the local Thai culture, go straight to Wat Chalong. This is a very important place for the Thai people. The prime highlight of Wat Chalong is the Grand Pagoda. It’s said to contain a small part of the bone of Lord Buddha. The entire place is decorated exotically with the stories from the life of Buddha. As this is a place of worship, ensure that you have something to cover your shoulders and your knees.

4. Take a bike ride in Koh Yao Noi Island
If you’re staying at Phuket for a few days then you can explore the island and go on day trips. Go for biking trips around the rubber plantations, fields, and lush forests at Koh Yao Noi Island. You can explore the entire stretch of the island on a bike making it ideal for a perfect day trip.

5. Rum Distillery Tour
Do not leave Phuket without exploring the Chalong Bay Rum distillery. Here, you can witness the rum making process and see the way they prepare their award-winning rum. If you enjoy exploring distilleries and wineries, then a visit to Chalong Bay Rum Distillery is extremely rewarding and pretty cool.
The entire tour lasts for 30-minute and will take you around their production unit as well as the bottling plant. To top it all, you can end the trip with a refreshing Chalong Bay Mojito. Cheers!
When in Phuket, do not forget to enjoy these experiences.

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