9 Interesting Facts About Wild Wadi Water Park

wild wadi water park

Wild Wadi Park is one of the most visited tourist spots in Dubai. Located in Jumeirah, this outdoor water park is themed around a character called Juha (Joha) from the Arabic folklore. Here are a few interesting facts about Wild Wadi Water Park:

1. While the integral theme of the park is based on the tales of Juha, a part of the theme is also based on the stories of Sinbad from the Arabian Nights. It has an outstanding design and execution of the themes.

2. This water park is located between the Jumeirah Beach resort and the Burj Al Arab. It has about 23 aquatic rides. All these rides are suitable for both children and adults. You will find water jet rides. These are perfect for those looking for having an adventure of a lifetime.

3. The prime attraction of the park includes the Jumeirah Sceirah. This is the highest free-fall water slide outside the USA. There are several amazing rides that attract thousands of locals and tourists to this place such as uphill water slides, and the master blaster rides.

4. Powerful jets propel the uphill water slides at a speed of 80 km per hour. You will also find gravity rides here. In this ride, the rider sits on a rubber ring. That ring is then spiralled down at a great speed. These rides are also known as the Dubai rings.

5. The water park has another interesting ride called Dhow. This is an interactive ride where you have to play with water cannon. Also, it has got wave pools where you can enjoy fake waves and get the feeling of being on a beach.

6. This park is the first ISO certified Water Park. Wild Wadi Park is also recognized for its safety aspects, technology and quality.

7. Staffs of more than 41 nationalities work here in Wild Wadi Park. Each staff of the water park are provided with special training for updating their skills.

8. Wild Wadi Water Park has numerous restaurant options should you feel hungry in between enjoying your rides. There are three restaurants and several snack stands for treating your hunger pangs. Also, you can shop for souvenirs as there’s plenty of gift shops as well. The best thing about the Wild Wadi Park is that it organises regular clean-ups and also recycles plastic, paper, cardboard etc.

9. It has the famous Burj Surje slide. It’s the only slide across the globe that has 2 bowls. The highest ride of Wild Wadi Park has a fall of 390-foot high slope.

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