8 Beaches To Visit In Dubai

beaches in dubai

Dubai’s splendid beaches are a must-visit. With vibrant ambience and food courts all around, the traveller-friendly beaches are a prime attraction in Dubai.

Check out the top 8 beaches visit while holidaying in Dubai:

1. Jumeirah Beach Residence

Jumeirah Beach

The sun-kissed Jumeirah beach is popular for its mesmerising beauty. Enjoy the spectacular view of Burj Khalifa standing tall against Dubai’s coast. The white sand, crystal clear water, and chain of exotic restaurants make this place an ultimate tourist destination.


2. Kite Beach

Kite Beach

The beach stands true to its name. Every year, tourists visit Kite Beach to participate in kite surfing competitions; that’s how the beach got its name from. This is an ideal place for water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy sports such as beach volleyball, beach tennis, kayaking, and soap football in the beach area. It is a perfect destination for a family holiday.


3. Al Mamzar Beach

Al Mamzar Beach
Spread across 106 hectares, this place comprises 4 swanky beaches, eateries, a pool, and one huge lawn – everything you need to fully relax during a vacation. Here, visitors can book luxurious villas for enjoying a royal stay.


4. Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach
As the name suggests, the Sunset Beach is best known for its stunning sunset view and poignant surroundings. From the beach, you can enjoy the gorgeous view of Burj Al Arab. Though the beach is crowded with tourists, surfers, sunbathers, and picnickers; it is one of the calmest beaches in the city.


5. Al Sufouh Beach

Al Sufouh Beach
Al Sufouh Beach is another popular beach destination in Dubai. This tranquil beach, located away from the city, is perfect for those who are looking for a quiet retreat. This beach is a great option for you to de-stress yourself in the lap of nature.


6. Mercato Beach

Mercato Beach is one of the frequently visited beaches in Dubai. It has a jogger’s track, a boulevard, and even a library from where bibliophiles can read books to spend their leisure time. Shopping isn’t a problem should you find in need of anything as The Mercato Shopping Mall is located nearby.


7. Ghantoot Beach

Ghantoot Beach
Ghantoot Beach is a private beach. You can enjoy the sun at the shoreline or spend your time playing volleyball. The beach is home to a number of cafeterias, pools, and bars. This place is quite popular among backpackers.


8. Jumeirah Open Beach

Jumeirah Open beach is where you can sunbathe and swim to your heart’s content. You can opt for all the essential facilities in the beach area, including food and drinks stalls, and picnic areas.

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