6 Interesting Facts On Dubai Museum

dubai museum

Dubai Museum – it’s a place that will take you to an incredible journey mapping the transformation of Dubai from a mere fishing village to the centre of the ultra-modern city with an awe-inspiring skyline.
Located in the oldest standing structure in Dubai, the Al Fahidi Fort, which was built during the 1800s, Dubai Museum offers a quick view of the humble past that was the foundation of the modern city. This is a must-visit place if you are visiting Dubai. Here are some more interesting facts about the Dubai Museum:

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1. The Dubai Museum was opened in 1971 by the then ruler of Dubai. Located in the Southern part of the Dubai Creek, the museum throws light at the cultural richness of the city and its multifaceted history.

2. The museum is within the premises of the ancient Al Fahidi Fort. This structure is about two centuries old and was built in 1787. It was the place where the Monarch used to stay and also played an important part in the defence of the city. It was used for storing weapons, artillery, and also doubled as a prison.

3. Here, you can get acquainted with the various aspects of the rural and the urban lives at Dubai. The popular displays in the museum will give you a view of the desert, marine, coastal, and agricultural life at Dubai. There are several wings of the museum where you will see original diagrams, drawings, samples, and authentic monuments (including weapons, pottery, tombs) from the past.

4. After entering the Museum, the first gallery that you will come across displays the old maps of Dubai. The next room has options for audio-visual presentations depicting the transformation of the city right from the moment when oil was discovered during the 1960s to the present day.

5. The next section of the Dubai Museum will take you to the pre-oil era, during the 1950s. This section contains life-size dioramas that reflect the market atmosphere complete with shops, and vendors. This section also contains the traditional homes and houses the oasis and masjid wings. Apart from that, there is an astronomy and natural phenomena wing.

6. At the sea wing of the museum, you can embark on a breathtaking journey where you can learn about shipbuilding and manufacturing process; sneak a peek at the profession of the pearl divers and the marine life of the Arabian Gulf.

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