Things To Know About Traditional Arabic Drinks

Planning a trip to Dubai? If yes, then this read on Arabic drinks is a must!

Traditional drinks are a mark of hospitality in Dubai and other Emirati cities. Your visit to Dubai is incomplete if you don’t soak in the local tradition and heritage by treating your taste buds with traditional delicacies and drinks.

Here are some of the interesting facts to know about traditional Arabic drinks:

1) A classic Arabic drink

Jellab is a classic Arabic drink and is enjoyed as a refreshing drink throughout the Middle East; it is highly favoured during Ramadan. This tasty and iconic drink is prepared from rose water and grape molasses; it is topped with raisins and nuts.

2) A sweet and a tangy drink


Tamar Hindiis one of the most iconic traditional drinks in Arabic cities. It is prepared by adding soaked and crushed tamarind to sugary water and lemon juice. The result? The drink confers your taste buds with w rich sweetness while giving a tangy kick – perfect for beating the summer heat.

3) Globally popular drinks with an Arabian twist

Be prepared to get fascinated by some of the quirky drinks during your visit to Dubai. Restaurants, food stalls, and hotels in the city serve globally popular drinks such as cappuccinos and milkshakes with an Arabian twist.
For example, you’ll easily be able to treat yourself with cappuccinos prepared from camel milk and milkshakes sweetened by dates.

4) Mint lemonade for fighting summer bummer

Although mint lemonade is not strictly a traditional Arabic drink, it is favoured by the locals and tourists in the city as it helps relieve heartburn and aids digestion. It’s the perfect refreshment to cool off after basking in the sun in the city beaches.

5) A healthy, tasty, and refreshing drink

Laban is one of the most popular cooling buttermilk in the Middle East. The drink is ubiquitous in Dubai; take a walk through any of the supermarkets in the city and you’ll be able to get your hands on laban. The drink is often included in diet plans.

6) Tea with a cultural twist

There’s no doubt that tea is one of the world’s most popular drink. In the UAE, tea is served with a cultural twist. Popular as karak chai, the drink is enhanced in flavour with fragrances and spices. FYI: ‘Kadak’ is Hindi word which means strong.

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