These Cities Are Known As The World’s Best Shopping Destinations

international shopping destinations

Are you one of those who pack light not because you want to travel light but because to come home with bag full of clothes and accessories? Are you the one whose travel checklists have upscale shopping malls and niche designer brands? If replied ‘yes’ to both then you are among the growing category of globetrotters who travel to shop.

Shopaholics – check these shopping destinations before you book your next international tour package

So that you can get your feet into the latest Manolo Blahnik and get more bang for your buck, we have shortlisted the best shopping destinations around the world. These cities will ensure that you will return with suitcases full of spoils:

New York:

New York remains the indisputable number one international shopping destination. Serious shoppers cross continents to lay their hands on everything latest on the world famous Fifth Avenue — one of the most luxurious stretches of retail in the US. One can just spend a whole day at Macy’s — largest American department store. Spread over 10 floors, Macy’s is the place to buy everything from apparels to furniture. Macy’s gives 10% discount to foreign tourists, all you have to do is show them your passport.



Whether you want to purchase high-end fashion or secondhand treasures, Tokyo is the right place for you to feel amazing. If being radical means fashion to you, then head to Ginza that has several avant-garde designers. Daikanyama, a residential enclave of cafes and boutiques, is the best place to get your hands on bohemian stuff, vintage pieces, and secondhand treasure trove.



From traditional souks to ultramodern malls, Dubai has endless options for shopaholics. You will find lavish gold jewellery, watches, handmade fabric, traditional perfumes, cheap knick knacks, and aromatic spices at souks located in Deira. The best part is you can haggle, yes, you can haggle for gold jewellery too. Those who don’t mind wearing a knock off, then Karama market is where you should spend your afternoon. If you are looking for high-end luxury and premium brands, then the Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates are the places. Besides, housing 1200 luxury and premium brand stores, the Dubai Mall is not just for shopping. At the Dubai Mall, one can watch sharks being fed at the aquarium, skate at the Ice rink or just for go for a movie at the first Dine-in Cinema in the Middle East. The Ski Resort at Mall of the Emirates is one place you would hate to miss.



London’s for those who want an elegant and classy shopping experience. Oxford Street is from where you should start your shopping trek. Oxford Street has more than 300 designer shops. From legendary designers to famous department stores, you can find everything niche and high street. Bond Street, Mayfair, Regent Street, Jermyn Street, and
Carnaby Street are some of the ideal places for extravagant retail therapy.



There’s no place better than the world’s fashion capital — Milan — to literally shop till you drop. Home to exclusive and luxurious shopping brands Via Monte Napoleone is a must-visit place, even if you don’t plan to shop from here. Via della Spiga and Corso Buenos Aires are home to high-end boutiques and trendy designer shops. Though cheap shopping is a dream in Milan, Fiera di Sinigaglia is a popular flea market that can help you lay your hands on designer cast-offs, second hand clothes, books and save you some bucks. Caution, it’s always crowded.


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