Ultimate Packing List for a Food Traveller

Food is a very important part of vacations. Here we discuss a few simple and easy packing tips for food lovers planning to go on an international tour. Read on!

While sightseeing soothes our souls and broadens our horizon, a well-savoured trip is the one that’s done on a full belly and a happy heart. However, while you are on the road on your exploratory missions, it may not be possible to eat the way you are used to at home.

Here are some travel essentials that every food lover must carry in order to savour every morsel of food; and make their culinary experiences across the world cherish worthy ones:

1. Stomach medicines:

Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting can become your unwanted travel companions when you expose your stomach to food that it is not used to. But the whole idea of travelling is to try new cuisines and savour different kinds of palettes. One way to avoid a stomach bug is to eat steaming or smoking hot food. Hot temperatures usually kill germs. Second, always carry with you antacids, anti-diarrhea, and mild laxative (in case of constipation).

2. A reusable water bottle:

Often people experience dehydration while they are travelling by air or car or when they eat food in rich in salt. All these three or at least a combination of two is likely to have an effect on you while you are travelling. Buying a bottled water every time you step out of the hotel is expensive. One affordable idea to keep yourself hydrated and to avoid constipation is to always carry a reusable water bottle.

3. Ziplock pouches for leftover:

Always carry ziplocs for carrying leftovers that you can enjoy later on. These bags also help you carry snacks like dry fruits and dry snacks like cookies , crackers, and chips. Ziplock pouches also come in handy to store free samples at local stores or complimentary chocolates at hotels.

4. Sanitiser:

While travelling you may not always have access to water and soap. Eating with dirty hands even at the most hygienic place can play havoc with your health and ruin your trip. Hand sanitisers will help keep germs and diseases at bay.

5. A carry-on cocktail kit:

A carry-on cocktail kit is the best way to savour your meals with your favourite drinks. A classic cocktail kit comes with two glasses, a shaker and a stirrer. Time to raise a toast!

6. A good camera:

Good food deserves a glass of wine and a good camera to take instagram-worthy photos. Lot of camera these days come with food mode that helps take great photos even if the lighting is not proper. Relying on smartphones will not be a wise call as often lighting will not be perfect at roadside eateries.

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