These Romantic Places in France Will Absolutely Wow You

Planning for a romantic international tour? Why not visit France? To say that France is synonymous with love and romance would not be wrong. One of the most visited countries in the world, France attracts thousands of couples every year — who either come there to either pop up the question or come to celebrate love. It’s undeniable fact – one cannot escape romance in France.

Here are some romantic places in France that we can include in your tour package. To know more about our international tour packages, visit 



There’s no better city than Paris to be starry-eyed. There are numerous romantic spots in Paris where couples can take dreamy strolls and walk hand-in-hand without attracting too much attention. Be it walking along Champs-Élysées or whispering sweet nothings at Square du Vert Galant or taking a romantic dinner cruise on the river Seine, there are more than one way to make your heart skip a beat. That the Eiffel Tower has been witness to many marriage proposals is no surprise. Every day in Paris is Valentine’s day.



Referred to as ‘the Venice of the Alps’, Annecy is the romantic French weekend getaway for Parisians. Just four hours by train from Paris and an hour by bus from Geneva, the quaint hamlet is best for a romantic escapade. Die-hard romantics must visit the Pont des Amours (Lover’s Bridge). The legend has it that if a couple kiss on this bridge, they will remain together for life. The Lake Annecy, one of the cleanest in Europe, with swans floating in the water lends a fairy tale atmosphere to this hamlet.



The old town of Lyon is the perfect place for couples who are foodies and love to explore the city walking hand-in-hand. From taking funicular railway to the top of the Fourvière hill to discovering the delights of French cuisine at bouchon restaurants, Lyon offers an array of interesting things to offer. If Paris is the romantic capital of the world then Lyon is the food capital. There are entrées and main course that are typical to Lyon and you won’t find them elsewhere. As George Bernard Shaw said, ‘There is no love sincerer than the love of food’, so go and fall in love over love for food.




Rich in heritage, culture, and gastronomy, Lille is all about savouring the moment in a spectacular surrounding. From browsing secondhand book stalls to tango-dancing under the stars, Lille offers plenty of unique experiences. There are a myriad of places offering aroma therapy for couples. There’s nothing like watching a musical performance at the Opera of Lille. One can just wander and relax at Parc Vauban, an English style garden. The best way to see the city would be to drive around the city along with a private guide in a convertible vintage.

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