Must – Visit Varanasi Attractions

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Varanasi – The Spiritual Heart of India

Varanasi is situated on the west bank of the river Ganga. Considered one of the holiest cities for Hindus, Varanasi is the best way to explore India’s spiritual soul.  Attracted by the mysticism in Hinduism, thousands of foreigners visit Varanasi every year and there are many who have made Varanasi their home. A lot for domestic tourists also visit Varanasi for religious purposes.

Whatever the purpose of your visit, Varanasi will offer you an unmatched experience. Best time to visit Varanasi is from November to till March as mercury sees a dip here.

Here are some attractions that you should not miss on your visit to Varanasi:

1.Assi Ghat: Located far south, Assi Ghat is the most popular ghats. Pilgrims from all over the world come to worship a Shiva lingam beneath a peepal tree. It’s a popular starting point for boat trips. The evenings capture the real essence of Varanasi when  hawkers and devotees crowd the streets. Early morning is the best time to experience serenity on Assi Ghat before the commotion of the day begins.

2.Dashashwamedh Ghat: The Dashashwamedh Ghat, the oldest ghat in Varanasi, is famous for its Ganga aarti. People from the Assi Ghat take a boat ride to the Dasaswamedh Ghat to witness the famous evening aarti which in itself is a surreal experience. Watching thousands of earthen lamps float in the river and people singing, playing cymbals and drums is a divine experience that has no match. Another thing that you should not miss on Dashashwamedh  Ghat is the typical Benarasi breakfast — Puri Subzi and kachoris.

3.Kashi Vishwanath Temple: The famed Kashi Vishwanath Temple attracts thousands of devotees every year. There are 12  jyotirlingas in India and one them is at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. It is believed a visit to the temple and a dip in the river ganga can take away one’s sins.  

4.Manikarnika Ghat: This ghat is the main cremation ghat. It is a popular belief that those who are cremated here attain salvation. One can watch cremations but one must not take photos out of the respect of the dead. One must also behave respectfully during the cremation.

5.Durga Temple: Durga temple is also called the monkey temple as monkeys are present in huge numbers inside the temple. The temple was built in the 18th century. It is believed that the idol of Goddess Durga in the temple is not man-made rather it appeared on its own.

6.Sarnath: A visit to Varanasi is incomplete without visiting Sarnath. The way Varanasi is important for Hindus, Sarnath is for Buddhists. One can take an auto ride to see the place where Lord Buddha gave his teachings of Dharma. Sarnath is just 12 km from Varanasi.

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