Rhine Falls: Things to Know Before You Visit

If you are planning a trip to Switzerland, then it is incomplete without a stop at the Rhine Falls, Europe’s largest waterfalls and a major tourist attraction. It’s a surreal experience to see the roaring gush of water hurling down with some much of force. The immense quantity of water and the powerful imagery that it creates will leave you in awe. From Zurich, you can take a one-hour train to the Rhine Falls or a 25-minute train ride from Winterthur.

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Before you get to see the spectacular views of the Rhine Falls, here are a few things you must know:

1. The might of the river:

The Rhine river flows through not one but four countries — Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. This impressive wonder of nature attracts tourists from all over the world. Though the height of fall is just 23 metres, its width of 150 metres makes the falls look magnificent and at the same time mighty.

2. Activities to do around:

If you are planning to stay for a day or near the falls, then you must make a visit to Rhine Falls Adventure Park, which is equal parts fun and challenging for adults and children. The park has several adventurous challenges that parents and children can take part in together. To provide you with a panoramic view, there’s a cable car line. There are several castles in the city that you can explore.

3. Wine and dine:

Near the Rhine Falls, there are several restaurants that will give you a spectacular view of the falls while you enjoy the local gourmet with a glass of wine. However, if you are in no mood for gourmet dining then you can bring along your picnic basket and make the visit memorable. To make your visit special, stay back for the night when the falls are illuminated. On some occasions, there are fireworks too.

4. Accessibility:

One of the best things about the Rhine Falls is that it is highly accessible. You can take a car, bicycle, and a train. Not just that if you want to soak in every moment of this picturesque scenario then there’s pedestrian path also. Differently-abled tourists would be glad to know that the cars allowed till the water’s edge and there are designated parking for them. One of the great ways to experience the might of the Rhine river is to take a boat ride and feel the thrill of being in the lap of nature.

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